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Looking back on 2015

The end of the year has come and gone, as have many posts on our blog. Some of them received a lot of traffic, the others a bit less than we thought they would. The varied traffic patterns allow us to understand your reading preferences and motivate us to create the content that will appeal to your taste. Today, we would like to show you the posts that garnered the most of your attention this year and those that we are particularly proud of. Let the fun begin with the three most popular posts of 2015.

1. Baby rooms that aren’t a bore got most of the traffic this year. Surely, we understand that everyone likes spaces that stand out of the crowd!


2. Small Spaces, Tiny Treasures was another popular post. Yes, we got it; a piece of helpful advice is always valued!


3. How to do Interiors like You’re Madame Bovary attests that we all like reads with references to pop culture especially when they include beautiful interiors from our favorite movies together with some some styling tips.


And here are the posts we think are worth pointing out given their original content and a bit of visual pleasure.

1. Fall in love with geometry and op-art! Experimenting with optical art is really exciting! You should try it out at your home.


2. MOMA Paintings in Rug Form We love finding similarities between art and our rugs. And believe us, there is a lot of them out there but it is pretty difficult to spot them all.


3. Coming Full Circle It is yet another post with a handful of tips for all savvy design enthusiasts!


We would like to thank you for all your comments and feedback on social media. Stay tuned for some great stuff we’ve got lined up for 2016. We wish you much success, creativity and happiness in New Year.