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A Persian rug or Persian carpet, also known as Iranian carpet, is a type of heavy decorative textile produced in Iran. Up until the 20th century, the territory of Iran had been called Persia, hence the variations in nomenclature. Persian rugs have a long and venerable history – some scholars estimate that first pile carpets might have been woven there as early as 2500 years ago. From all the Oriental rugs made within the ‘Rug Belt’, Persian carpets have always enjoyed the greatest popularity and prestige. The reasons behind such recognition are many, with refined workmanship, vast variety of awe-inspiring designs and deep cultural significance being among the most fundamental.

The Astounding Variety of Persian Rugs

Scholars find it extremely difficult to unravel the mysteries of the past that reach back millennia. However, it is almost certain that the weaving of Persian rugs started off humbly with nomadic tribes. Later, it permeated to village and town workshops to finally become the flagship craft of Persia, curated by its rulers under Royal Court Manufactories. All these backgrounds deserve an equal amount of respect as they contribute to the overall greatness of Iranian rugs. Depending on the exact place of origin, Persian rugs represent diverse, simultaneous lines of tradition, and reflect the history of Iran and its various peoples.

Tabriz, Isfahan, Kerman, Meshad, Qum or Nain are only several of many historically-grounded and renowned Persian weaving centers. Each of them can boast of its distinct weaving techniques and designs. Yet, in general, they happen to have more similarities than differences. What connects them is profound respect for beauty and quality, expressed by use of high-quality materials, colors and patterns.

Village and nomadic Persian rugs have a heartwarming, absolutely irresistible appeal, widely desired by aficionados of design. They tend to carry bolder, a bit less intricate designs and slightly coarser wool. Nonetheless, the purity of artistic expression and heart put in their creation makes them incredibly authentic.

The most prominent are perhaps Oriental rugs woven in the Safavid court manufactories of Isfahan during the 16th century. Their level of excellence so high, that they have been elevated to the rank of high art. Presently, many of these Persian carpets are treasured in museums and private collections all over the world. Nonetheless, their most important role was setting up the sublime artistic tradition that was kept alive thorough the entire existence of the Persian Empire and continues until this day.

Persian Rugs, Persian Carpets and Iranian Carpets at Doris Leslie Blau

Doris Leslie Blau presents the collection of Persian rugs for sale. They are widely famed for their elaborate, meaningful and artistic designs as well as top-notch execution. We pride ourselves in bringing these magnificent treasures of the Orient to a wider audience. Our involvement and passion are fueled by the never-fading beauty of traditional designs and the exquisite craftsmanship of Oriental artisans. Each and every specimen in our repertoire is 100% authentic, hand-made of the best materials in accordance with the craft.

We put all efforts in maintaining the highest standards both in terms of our products and the services that we provide. A considerable bunch of satisfied customers is probably the finest recommendations. Among our clients you will find names such as Brad Ford, Robert De Niro, Michael J Fox, Tommy Hilfiger or Julianne Moore. Considering the above, we have the audacity to advertise ourselves as the most trusted purveyor of Persian rugs in NYC.

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