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Small Spaces, Tiny Treasures

How to stay opulent with less square footage

Bigger is better is an aging maxim. As authenticity, craftsmanship and a sense of community and connectivity become increasingly important to many of us, people are turning to small living not just for economic reasons (though to be sure, that’s part of it) but to facilitate an intentional lifestyle.

A couple months ago The New York Times had this article on extreme small living. However, you don’t have to build a mini house to apply the principles of small living. They’re extremely handy for we apartments dwellers too.

There are practical tips – like using a light color palette and finding ways to make spaces multipurpose – but those don’t have to supersede all other considerations. And if your space has ample natural light, it’s okay to mix in some richer colors too.

Your tiny space doesn’t need to have everything, especially things you’ll seldom use. Do you really need a dining room table? Or would a bar counter suffice? How often do you entertain? What’s wrong with casual seating for guests in the living room?

one bdrm

This uptown Manhattan living room is small but doesn’t shy away from heavy elements. A mixture of low and tall heights amongst furniture, coffee table and shelving gives the room depth and saves the place from feeling crowded.

jp living rm

Conversely, this Japanese-inspired living room has an airy feel thanks to the low scale of furniture, making the room feel taller than it really is.


A rug is still a solid foundational element, even for small-home design. In addition to establishing an aesthetic, a high-quality textile can signal different “zones,” separating dining area from living room, say.

high pile

This petite apartment still makes use of a luxurious, high-pile rug. It’s properly placed, not hidden under the couch, but with maximum footage to be felt underfoot.

Here’s a round-up of pint-sized inspiration.

student nook

mezz loft bed

nyc bar