Antique Rugs, Vintage Rugs and best Persian Rugs by Doris Leslie Blau in NYC

Antique rugs and vintage rugs add a dimension of style and history to a room that no other floor covering can match. Varying in style, based on local tradition, these rugs have been used for thousands of years as a beautiful and practical foundation on which to build a room.

With offerings of antique Persian rugs, antique Oriental rugs, antique Karastan rugs, antique area rugs, vintage rugs, and Moroccan rugs, no matter your preference for color, texture, style or vintage, Doris Leslie Blau offers the widest selection of antique carpets and vintage carpets for sale to fulfill your dreams.  

While some of the technology may have evolved, the basic art of making rugs has not changed for centuries; the same basic techniques and materials are used whether the antique carpet is from Turkey, China, Persia, India, Morocco, or Russia.

Most high-end carpets were made in sophisticated urban settings, in well-established cities where value was placed on fine artistry and the stability of a permanent worksite allowed for use of larger and more sophisticated looms. The more casual tribal rugs were woven by nomadic tribesmen and women whose access was limited to coarser material and smaller, more basic, easily portable looms as opposed to the permanent looms used to make the more refined city rugs.

Antique rugs for the western market were originally made in countries such as India, Persia and Turkey. As the industrial revolution created a new merchant class, antique rugs were a sought-after status symbol demonstrating wealth and good taste. Watch any period film set in the late 19th or early 20th centuries and you will almost certainly see an oriental rug on the floor.

An antique rug is one that was created before approximately 1920. Carpets & rugs from 1920 through the 1950’s are considered vintage. Antique and vintage carpets can vary in color, size, designs and material. Some see the current trend among those buying antique rugs as leaning towards neutral colors which can be used as a more subtle background to a room. Antique oriental rugs, however, come in a rainbow of colors and designs that allows them to create a warm and inviting ambiance and to anchor any room whether as a backdrop or a focal point. It has been said that a carpet is the “soul of the room." Select one that reflects your special nature and captures your imagination.


Hand-Tufted Rugs and Carpets

Hand-Tufted Rugs and Carpets

We are constantly exploring new textures and pile lengths for almost all of our designs. Whether producing a hand-tufted, high-low, or flat-woven rug, we constantly encourage our clients to collaborate with us as part of our team of designers, textile artists, and factories to locate the correct fibers and techniques to enhance our design patterns.

Modern Art Rugs

Modern Art Rugs

The term „modern art” is used to describe works of art created roughly since the 1970s, but the roots of this trend may be found in the 19th century. It is associated with art in which traditional way of perception, traditional materials and means were replaced with experimentation.

Persian Wool Rugs

Persian Wool Rugs

From all the weaving centers throughout the entire history of rug production, Persia is without a doubt considered the finest, and wool is by far the most commonly applied material in the carpet manufacturing process. Persian wool rugs constitute probably the largest category being highly diverse in terms of style, design, texture or the exact place of origin, and for centuries have served people in warming up and adorning their households.

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An empty floor, even the one made of luxurious oak planks, classy tiles or fashionable concrete, calls for a rug. To help you avoid buying a mediocre carpet that might not exactly meet your expectations, we’ve prepared a little guide through the most qualitative statement rugs that will vivify your room in an instant.


Antique Rugs

   Some things only increase in value over time and antique rugs definitely belong to that prestigious bunch. Although made in the distant past, antique carpets smoothly fit into contemporary décors, adding a dimension of style and history that no other accessory can match, not to mention their strictly practical function. Executed in the long-established weaving techniques of solely natural, top-notch materials, antique floor coverings are distinguished by an unmatched quality which enabled them to withstand the centuries of usage. Their mesmerizing, deeply symbolic and traditional patterns vary depending on the region of making while maintaining the common spirit of the magnificent Oriental design art. At Doris Leslie Blau we offer the widest selection of venerable Persian rugs, antique Turkish rugs, recherché Indian carpets, antique Caucasian rugs and elegant European rugs to fulfill your dreams of having a truly unique and soulful foundation on which to build the room in the XXI century.

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Vintage Rugs

   With the arrival of the 20th century, there came the era of a brand new approach to art involving minimalism, experimentation with form and opposition to the rigid rules of the bygone ages – it was then fabulous vintage rugs were born. Preserving the rich legacy of the ancient Oriental craft yet deep-seated in the Modernist aesthetic thought reflecting the profound socio-political changes of the turbulent century, vintage rugs have gained wide recognition in the mid-twenties and today continue to fascinate art aficionados, designers and tastemakers alike. Permeated with the spirit of progress, new ideas, as well as influenced by various art forms, vintage rugs embrace a wide array of styles and designs coming from all corners of the world. Doris Leslie Blau wants to offer you the full spectrum of the awe-inspiring family of vintage rugs. In our stocks we have Arts&Crafts rugs, Chinese Deco rugs, European Deco rugs, Indian Dhurrie rugs, Moroccan rugs, Samarkand & Khotan rugs, Scandinavian/ Swedish rugs, Spanish rugs, as well as vintage hooked rugs and rag rugs, among others – all to help you create a genuinely special and timeless ambience in your interior.

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Oriental Rugs

   Oriental rugs and related tapestries have of late taken their rightful place in the world of fine art, and they have become the delight of collectors all over the globe. Rugs which have remained unnoticed in the dim shops of dealers who believed in their worth during the lean years of public indifference are now reaching the marketplace. They are impressing a new generation with their beauty, history, and alas, with their growing scarcity and unavailability. From magnificent Persian and Turkish floor coverings, though exotic Indian and Chinese creations, to extremely fashionable Caucasian carpets or Moroccan kilims, Oriental rugs break popularity records, and it is hard to be surprised. Their exquisite execution of the finest, natural materials, astonishing accuracy and meticulousness, and, above all, the incredible artistry of symbolic designs achieved thanks to centuries-old weaving methods make them absolutely incomparable with anything which is produced today. Doris Leslie Blau is here to provide you with the magic and beauty of Oriental rugs, and allow you to experience their never-passing charm in your 21st century households.

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Hooked Rugs

   Hooked rugs are a fruit of a common craft that proved to result in timeless and mesmerizing art. The origins of rug hooking are truly humble – it was a way of reusing old scraps of fabrics and transforming them into practical floor coverings by the less affluent part of the society. Nonetheless, these heartwarming and genuinely charming textiles have evolved into finesse masterpieces desired by the collectors and tastemakers around the world. Antique and vintage hooked rugs are distinguished by a wide variety of textures, colors and patterns beautifully reflecting the region of their making. Their designs often incorporate fallen leaves, seashells, animals, pictorial scenes, plants or abstract concepts. Despite starting off as a lowly occupation, rug hooking has made its way into the new era of textile manufacturing. If you desire to experience the addictive beauty of hand-made hooked rugs in New York City, or any other part of the globe, do not hesitate to look within the stocks of Doris Leslie Blau.

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Modern Rugs

   Originating from the ancient Oriental craft yet constantly evolving along with the changing artistic tides, modern rugs constitute the perfect merger of past and present. The vast variety of contemporary floor coverings makes it hard to pin down their general appearance – they show numerous faces, from traditional-inspired patterns through abstract forms to minimalistic and geometric designs. Modern rugs constitute a fascinating bridge between the antiquity and contemporaneity, combining the centuries-old craft with up-to-date ideas and progressive aesthetic thought. They all derive from the socio-political revolution of the first half of the 20th century, and today constitute one of the most celebrated, intriguing and desired group of floor coverings. Contemporary carpets may trace their roots back to Art Deco, Art Nouveau and the mid-century Scandinavian design, among others. Today, in their creation there are involved various prominent artists and designers, who bring the concept of rug art to a whole new level. If you desire a fabulous modern rug in New York City, or any other part of the world, put your trust in Doris Leslie Blau and we will not leave you disappointed.

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Decorative rugs

   Decorative rugs make up an inexhaustibly rich vocabulary that arguments the language of good interior design. Placed over broad-loom or other uniform surfaces, these rugs can complement, accent and ornament our living areas in a way that no other interior accessory can match. Myriad designs of bold geometry and delicate flora can evoke refreshing images of nature, brightening and enlivening both traditional and modern interiors. Decorating with carpets is increasingly popular, and a customer will often select a decorative rug before buying furniture, letting the carpet establish the entire palette for the room. It is essential to rely on a respectable dealer for guidance and honest representation as to authenticity and condition of a particular floor covering. At Doris Leslie Blau, we are committed to providing top-notch decorative rugs to New York City and other parts of the globe. Whether you are looking for an abundant Oriental rug, a classy vintage carpet or an entirely abstract, modern floor covering, you may rest reassured that we have it in our stocks.

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