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12 Baby Rooms that aren’t a Bore

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A funny thing happens when it comes to decorating nurseries. They fall into the dull blue-or-pink dichotomy. They’re being designed for children, but sometimes they wind up looking like they were designed by children. In an effort to decorate for an infant, the space can be overwhelmed by infantilized decoration that neither parent nor child may be keen on in years to come. Or, in order to avoid all these traps, spaces become too sterile, sapped of personality.

Thought we don’t often talk about designing children’s rooms, as purveyors of vintage rugs and contemporary carpet, we’d emphasize that a quality foundational rug will provide a kid’s space with the same grounding aesthetic and temperament that it does for adult ones.

Without further ado, here’s a round-up of smartly dressed baby spaces:

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By Jeffers Design Group, this space will transition easily as its occupant ages. All you have to do is take away the crib and mobile and it becomes a home for an older child.

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New Yorkers will want to pay attention to this one. This kind of set-up, could be good for those of us with small spaces, where a nursery may be more of an alcove.

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For the mod baby. Give him a couple years, he’ll be asking for a pint-sized Eames chair.

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Lots of visual inspiration in this space, get those creative juices flowing early.

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That coral crib.

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That bubble chair.

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Give your baby good art.

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And a fabulous rug.

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Ready to build your baby room from the ground up? Why not start with a contemporary Swedish flat weave or dreamy Tibetan hand-knotted silk? You can explore our contemporary carpet and rug collection here. Or peruse our vintage rug collection for timeless beauties that will grow up with baby.