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4 Rugs That Will Never Go Out of Style

Despite the astounding variety of modern carpet types available on the market today, people are still looking for traditional antique and vintage creations. Why? The answer is simple – nothing beats the masterful hand-execution, the top-notch materials, and the well thought-out designs.

5 Super Simple and Amazing DIY Décor Hacks!

There is no better time for some fun DIY than fall, with its long night and capricious weather.  Our 5 amazing DIY décor tricks will keep you busy and illuminate even the gloomiest of days.

5 Home Decor Tricks to Make this Fall Even More ‘Hygge’

The Danish “hygge”, which etymologically derives from the Norwegian word for wellbeing, has evolved and now leads its own life. It is an untranslatable concept that can simultaneously convey a feeling, an impression, an emotion as well as a specific atmosphere of intimacy and warmth.

Top 10 Most Stylish ‘Stardew’ Blue Kitchens

Stardew – even the name is irresistibly appealing, let alone the soothing and relaxing shade it stands for. Sherwin William’s August 2017 Color of the Month has taken the Internet by storm, and is definitely going to take over people’s interior designs for the next year (or more).

From Nader’s Private Collection: The Story Of The Most Special Rug

There are 22 carpets that I have kept to myself over the years.  They are all rare, some are priceless, and all of them depict animals.  Although I keep them for my private enjoyment, I think it is time I shared some of them with you.

#1 Most Searched in the USA: Victorian Style and How to Decorate With It

Great as the Queen after whom it was named, Victorian style embodies class of the British aristocracy, and propagates the refined sensibility of the 19th century England. Although a bit overwhelming in its original form, the decorating trend in the modern version is the answer to all seekers of timeless elegance and a pinch of royal luxury. Shall we begin?

6 Ways to Make Your Interior Cali Cool!

Do you have that laid back, chill swagger that all the homies love, and you simply must transfer all this coolness from within to your humble crib? Yes, we are saying this with a wink 😉 Yet still we’re about to present decorating tricks for probably the swellest style of all times. Ladies and gentlemen, meet California Cool!

mid century modern interior decor ideas, mid century modern living room

Moving into Mad Men: 6 Decor Tricks to Introduce Mid-Century Modern Into Your Home

Although it is hard to agree with Don Draper’s way of life and personal choices,  one can’t deny, the man’s got a style. Today we will infiltrate the stunning apartment of the protagonist of Mad Men series and extract 6 ways to achieve the fab mid-century modern look.

5 Ways to Get The Most Stylish Dining Nook

Who doesn’t like breakfast food? We sure do! The first and most important meal of the day deserves to be celebrated in the best possible ambience and we are here to help you design a breakfast nook of your dreams. So let your eggs sizzle on the frying pan while you keep reading 😉

6 Reasons Why Rugs Can Improve Your Housing’s Interior

Rugs are a product of a dynamic yet adaptive industry which has been developing for centuries and enjoyed unfading popularity. No wonder there is a great interest given by the homeowners and interior designers to the interactions between flooring and walls to the carpet. We are proud to present a plethora of ways in which woven textiles can improve absolutely anyone’s living space. Rug up!

Top 5 Ideas for the Perfect Outdoor Patio – Living Room

After long and tedious months of waiting, the summer has finally arrived! If you’ve forgotten to prepare for all these warm afternoons and evenings spent outdoors among friends and family, do not fret With our 5 simple tips you’ll soon be ready to entertain in the garden and enjoy the benefits of the best season of the year.

5 Ways To Make A Large Room Feel Comfy

Large rooms seem like the easiest ones to decorate when they are far from it. It takes a lot of time and careful deliberation to determine how to carefully set-up the interior of a large space. If you’re unsuccessful, your room will look either too stark or too redundant with a plethora of negative spaces to boot.

5 Ways to Achieve Coastal Interior Look off the Beach

The heat is on. Summer is approaching in big steps and everyone is dreaming about lazy days at the seaside where gentle breeze caresses sun-burnt cheeks, carrying the unparalleled scent of salty water. If your vacation is still far off, do not fret! We will help you to bring some of the coastal charm into your city abode.