• Jul112019

    10 Best Modern Farmhouse Spaces We’ve Seen This Month

    Modern Farmhouse has been on a roll for quite a while now and nothing indicates that its popularity should end any soon. On the contrary – functional interiors with a

    Doris Leslie Blau
  • Jul042019

    Dughi – The “Living Coral” of Antique Sarouk Rugs

    You must have heard about Living Coral. After all, according to Pantone, it’s the color of the year 2019. But guess what – ancient Persians have invented it long before

    Doris Leslie Blau
  • Jun272019

    Top 10 Loft Spaces We Fell For This Season

    Nothing provides better retreat from the heat wave in the city than loft apartments. In addition to bringing a moment of respite, these airy spaces are in high demand as

    Doris Leslie Blau
  • Jun212019

    Creating a Home Oasis – Top 10 Small Balcony Ideas

    Not everyone can or wants to live in a house with a garden but everybody needs a retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. If you live in

    Doris Leslie Blau
  • Jun102019

    Small House, Big Decor – Best Tiny Houses We’ve Seen This Season!

    We like spacious and airy interiors but the truth is a large house poses high demands in terms of costs and general maintenance. This is why people – especially young

    Doris Leslie Blau
  • May302019

    6 Best Notre Dame Cathedral Reconstruction Ideas

    On April 15, 2019, the world watched in terror as one of the most iconic sacral structures was consumed by fire. The inferno that lasted more than 15 hours destroyed

    Doris Leslie Blau
  • May232019

    Top 10: The Most Inspiring Kitchens We’ve Seen This Season

    No matter how chic and inviting the rest of the house may be, the most memorable convos and moments usually happen in the kitchen. It is much more than just

    Doris Leslie Blau
  • May162019

    5 Decor Mistakes That Instantly Cheapen the Look of Your Bathroom

    Decorating, apart from the indisputable pleasure that it brings, may at times be tedious and difficult due to the huge number of details that require your attention. This may lead

    Doris Leslie Blau
  • May092019

    Top 10: The Most Inspiring Rooms We’ve Seen This Season

    How is design doing this season? So far so good! Instead of listing new trends and explaining how to apply them properly, we’ve selected 10 amazing interiors that hit the

    Doris Leslie Blau
  • May022019

    5 Tips on How to Decorate a Small Kitchen

    Big cities are the dwelling place of the majority of people. This poses certain challenges before decorators who try to make the most of the limited living space. The kitchen

    Doris Leslie Blau
  • Apr242019

    5 Inspiring Modern Farmhouse Décor Ideas

    With the arrival of Spring, the vision of idyllic life – amongst flowering meadows, near pristine forests and crystal clear rivers, far from the dullness and stale air of a

    Doris Leslie Blau
  • Apr052019

    Eclectic Boho: 4 Steps To Style Like Drew Barrymore

    Who doesn’t love Drew Barrymore? After seeing her amazing collection of décor pieces your affection will only grow. The Hollywood actress has always been open about her passion for decorating,

    Doris Leslie Blau