• Mar272020

    How to Clean a Rug Yourself? Cleaning Area Rugs, Oriental Rugs, Accent Rugs, and More in 8 Easy Steps

    Has your favorite oriental rug lost its charm since it first appeared on your floor? Don’t worry, it probably just needs to be refreshed! Rugs are subject to constant foot

  • Mar112020

    6 Kitchen Trend Ideas You’ll Want To Try in 2020

    Kitchen is without question the heart of the home, and the heart must be taken care of tenderly and solicitously. No wonder that 2020 brings many new trends that will

  • Jan302020

    It’s Official: Top 6 Design Trends to Watch for in 2020

    We’re slowly making ourselves comfortable in 2020 which promises to be a great year for design! New trends spring up like mushrooms while some of the old ones are hoping

  • Jan162020

    5 Stylish Ways To Integrate Vintage Rugs into Modern Spaces

    We all love vintage rugs – created according to traditional techniques, permeated with soul and old-world vibes, they have the power to make your décor feel unique. “Vintage pieces naturally

  • Jan022020

    6 Biggest Home 2020 Trends According To Pinterest

    We’ve already announced what big brands and names say will be the in vogue in 2020, now it’s time to hear what décor lovers on Pinterest have to say about

  • Dec192019

    New Interior Decor Trends That Will Be Huge in 2020 (Part II)

    A week has past and the trends for 2020 keep coming! Some are brand new, some are refreshed versions of what we’ve already seen in the last couple of years;

  • Dec122019

    7 New Interior Decor Trends That Will Be Huge in 2020

    Hey, we have brought you the first Christmas present – 7 fresh design trends that will rule in 2020! Check out what will definitely be “in” your interior in the

  • Dec052019

    Winter Trends: 5 Tips on How to Layer Rugs

    When the temperature drops the first thing we layer to keep warm is clothes – thick knits, scarves, jumpers and coats come one on top of the other to help

  • Nov282019

    7 Design Trends That Have Defined The Last Decade (And Are Going to Stay)

    What is the measure of a timeless trend? After all, beauty standards change all the time. Judging by the last decade, we believe it is the combination of appeal, practicality,

  • Nov212019

    Look Inside David Harbour’s Revamped New York Loft Full of Rugs

    The actor behind the rough-tough-and-hard-to-bluff chief of police from the Netflix sci-fi horror series Stranger Things turns out to have quite the eye for design in private life. David Harbour

  • Nov142019

    5 Reasons Why a Rug Is a Must Have In Your Interior

    One of the stories in the One Thousand and One Nights relates how Prince Husain travels to Bisnagar and buys a magic carpet – as a means of transportation, of

  • Nov072019

    Trend Report: 5 Colors That Will Rule Interior Design in 2020

    In decorating, colors are as important as furniture and additives. Some would even argue that the right choice of colors is the key to a good décor. Which paints will