Aubusson Rugs

Aubusson RugAt Doris Leslie Blau you can find not only a collection of Antique French rugs for sale, but also a line of Aubusson-inspired carpets, among which we can distinguish some of Eric Cohler’s Aubusson area rugs and floor coverings.

Aubusson Rug Origin

Traditional French rugs originated in a town in south-central France – Aubusson. Initially, the region was known mostly for its tapestry, but from the mid-16th until the 19th century, the Aubusson carpet weaving had been flourishing there. One of the characteristics of the early Aubusson rugs is a strong and vivid palette of colors. However, in the course of time, the Aubusson rug colors tended to be more and more subtle.

Aubusson Rug Motif

The typical motifs of Aubusson rugs are center medallions and lyrical floral patterns. Some other typical designs can be distinguished depending on a particular period. For instance, during the reign of Louis XV, Aubussons featured brightly colored floral motifs in bouquets, baskets insets in oval-shaped garlands and rosettes within octagons and floral garlands. On the other hand, under Louise XVI, they usually displayed crowns of flowers, leaves, and ribbons on a dark brown ground. The word Aubusson is sometimes interchangeably used with a flat-woven French carpet. Those unique Aubusson area rugs are known to be one of the most recognizable French rugs and have always been associated with refinement and luxury.

French Area Rugs

Plenty of Aubussons are of substantial sizes, and it is not surprising if we bear in mind that they used to be placed mostly on aristocracy’s floors. Those who were affluent wished to impress their guests and show their status also through the size of the carpet that would give the impression of splendor and majesty. The reason for the French aristocracy being so enthusiastic about these carpets was undoubtedly their similarity to pile Savonnerie rugs which were out of their reach. Savonnerie rugs could only be made for King’s palaces at the time.

In our collection of new Aubusson rugs for sale, we present a great choice of those remarkable floor coverings. Some of the Aubusson rugs have a soft palette of colors, so they would look good in any kind of décor. The other ones are more vivid and have more intricate patterns on them.

One thing is certain: a French rug will adorn your floor, giving the room a touch of elegance and exquisiteness.

An Exceptional Collection of French Aubusson Rugs for Sale

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