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Modern Contemporary Rugs in New York

Doris Leslie Blau is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers antique rugs and carpets in the world. We have been a leader in this category for the last five decades and continue to be the center of attraction in the design community and the primary destination for designer rugs. Our specialty is our contemporary rug designed based on the ancient patterns from Persia, Asia and Turkey. How we get to Vouge you can read here.

We have a vast range of colors and designs to choose from which can change the very appearance of a room and lessen the need to add more decorating elements. It’s the ideal choice for a modern home to give it both a traditional and antique look.

Our specialization is in providing the best available quality oriental and European contemporary area rugs of various colors and designs to interior designers and architects across the globe. We have an unbelievable collection of antique Tabriz rugs as well; which is in great demand in the designer sector. We are the only company which offers customers a wide choice of antique carpets and custom designed rugs to adorn both walls and floors. These types of rugs can be used in a variety of ways. They are pieces of artwork that are both functional and appreciate in value.

With the advancement of technology, the method of manufacturing rugs has changed over the years, but the traditional art and culture still have a very strong influence in the production of contemporary rug designs. We are the only company which serves as the consultants and advisors to the top interior designers and architects around the world. This has helped us to use our expertise to bridge the gap between art and design by using rugs as an integral part of the designer world.

Texture of the rug plays an important role while choosing a contemporary rug and you should feel happy and satisfied when you rub your hands on the surface of the new rug. Contemporary rugs are manufactured by hand and machine all over the world using the traditional patterns and designs. Machine made rugs do not have any knots and the threads are looped with latex which hardens when it cools. They have a uniform and static design and the structure is identical from one end to the other. Handmade rugs differ due to tension on the wool as people make knots with the hand and the sides will be irregular and imperfect. People can differentiate between the handmade rug and machine made rug just by looking at the back.

Doris Leslie Blau is situated in the heart of New York and has a never ending list of customers which includes the top interior designers and architects of the US. We deal in antique carpets from the 19th and 20th century and some of the world famous antique rug dealers flock to us for their requirements. We have established ourselves as the leading source for contemporary rugs and some of our rugs are droning the walls of famous personality’s worldwide.