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Beauty and the Burgundy: Fashion takes up a delicious, time-tested tone

carpet-vintage-chinese-samarkand-art-deco-deco-red-minimalist-geometric-bb2626-11x9Burgundy model

One of the top trends this season is that deep, deep red that tastes bold and earthy when you pour it out of a bottle.

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Actually, burgundy the wine is much older than burgundy the color designator. People have been comparing the taste and quality of wines from the Burgundy region of France since medieval times, but it only became a color in the late 1800s.

With respect to more recent history, burgundy isn’t exactly an earth-shattering discovery. Burgundy has been a leading lipstick choice for at least a couple decades (though in recent years, a pronounced purple pout has gained popularity). Burgundy items and accessories pop up on shelves pretty much every time the leaves start to drop.

Where interiors are concerned, burgundy is rich and versatile. It pairs well with earth tones and a wide spectrum of blues. And where textiles are concerned, it might not have been called “burgundy” when these rugs were woven, but burgundy is generously represented in our vintage and antique carpet collections.

Chinese Art Deco rug

This Chinese Art Deco has a swooping curve motif with burgundy pops that make it distinct.

Samarkand (Khotan) carpet

This gorgeous 20th century (circa 1930) carpet boasts a purple field and lovely, floral roundels. This is one of the ones where you can really see how time and wear has added depth and character to its patina.

Silk Samarkand (Khotan) rug

This slightly older Samarkand also sports a lush purple background with floral medallions and a conversation-sparking yin yang.

Persian Kirman carpet

This is a Persian Kirman (or Kerman) carpet from the early 1900s with a rich black field, and its burgundy trellis makes it all the more mesmerizing. This is another piece with a beautiful patina that draws out the beauty of its burgundy elements.

Chinese Deco rug

One more Chinese Deco – this one has a playful landscaped border. I love the tiers of swooping rooftops juxtaposed to the simpler geometry of square and circular trees.

There are plenty more examples to be found in the archives of our vintage and antique collections. Happy hunting!