Modern Area Rugs

The Diversity of Modern Area Rugs and Contemporary Area Rugs

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One of the strongest sides of modern area rugs is their diversity. With our demands constantly growing, carpet designers have to work endlessly in order to deliver the best and most original products. As a result, the market is full of wonderful floor coverings ready to cater for the needs of the most demanding customers. Compared to antique area rugs, their contemporary counterparts offer more flexibility and this is why we are decided to introducing you to some of the most popular types of modern area rugs.

Modern Area Rugs and Contemporary Rugs as Cultural Connectors

Various trends in rugs change as fast as those in fashion. Right now, Moroccan carpets are considered to be in vogue so it won't come as a surprise for you to learn that a significant number of modern area rugs are made in this particular style. What does it mean? Well, Moroccan pieces are known for both their luxurious piles that are soft enough to sleep on them, as well as simplistic tribal patterns. Although classic designs are often reproduced in modern area rugs, many manufacturers decided not to include high piles in their creations and go for flat weave rugs. This met with mixed reactions from the general public. On the one hand, flat-weaves are a very practical choice but, on the other hand, people don't want copies - they want authentic Moroccan products. Despite occasional failures, manufacturers of modern area rugs continue to experiment with the outlook of these remarkable floor coverings. Modern area rugs experiment with sizes, shapes, designs and materials creating an entirely new category of carpets which constitutes a fabulous merger of past and present.

Modern Are Rugs Inspired by Traditional Craft

Unusual patterns of modern area rugs

Oriental rugs and Persian carpets were always a great source of inspiration for designers and weavers all over the world. Countless reproductions are being made each year and many of them are modern area rugs. It is a great way to give your interior some of that elegant vibe, characteristic of antique carpets, but with a modern approach to the subject. Persian Tabriz rugs, Indian Amritsar rugs, Indian dhurrie rugs, Overdyed rugs, hand-tufted rugs – they all may find reflection in modern area rugs. Whatever your choice will be, you won't be disappointed! We invite you to browse through our section of modern area rugs and pick one that will be perfect for your household.

Abstract Patterns of Modern Area Rugs

Abstract patterns on modern area rugs are not something unusual. As this kind of floor coverings takes up a lot of space, it is a smart move to make them as decorative as possible. Aces of contemporary design let their imagination flow freely in order to create bold and stunning patterns. This, of course, might pose some serious problems for inexperienced decorators, however, the challenge is absolutely worth undertaking. Inspirations drawn from the renowned expressionist and abstract painters, such as Picasso, Van Gogh, Kandinsky or Pollock , make modern area rugs present day masterpieces ready to enrich any décor to the same extent as a painting or a sculpture.

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