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The Diversity of Modern Area Rugs and Contemporary Area Rugs

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One of the strongest sides of modern area rugs is their diversity. With our demands constantly growing, carpet designers have to work endlessly in order to deliver the best and most original products. As a result, the market is full of wonderful floor coverings ready to cater for the needs of the most demanding customers. Compared to antique area rugs, their contemporary counterparts offer more flexibility and this is why we decided to introduce you to some of the most popular types of modern area rugs.

Modern Area Rugs and Contemporary Rugs as Cultural Connectors

Various trends in rugs change as fast as those in fashion. Right now, Moroccan carpets are considered to be in vogue so it won't come as a surprise for you to learn that a significant number of modern area rugs are made in this particular style. What does it mean? Well, Moroccan pieces are known for both their luxurious piles that are soft enough to sleep on them, as well as simplistic tribal patterns. Although classic designs are often reproduced in modern area rugs, many manufacturers decided not to include high piles in their creations and go for flat weave rugs. This met with mixed reactions from the general public. On the one hand, flat-weaves are a very practical choice but, on the other hand, people don't want copies - they want authentic Moroccan products. Despite occasional failures, manufacturers of modern area rugs continue to experiment with the outlook of these remarkable floor coverings. Modern area rugs experiment with sizes, shapes, designs and materials creating an entirely new category of carpets which constitutes a fabulous merger of past and present.

Modern Are Rugs Inspired by Traditional Craft

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Oriental rugs and Persian carpets were always a great source of inspiration for designers and weavers all over the world. Countless reproductions are being made each year and many of them take the form of modern area rugs. It is a great way to give your interior some of that elegant vibe, characteristic of antique carpets, but with a modern approach to the subject. Persian Tabriz rugs, Indian Amritsar rugs, Indian dhurrie rugs, Overdyed rugs, hand-tufted rugs – they all may find reflection in modern area rugs. Whatever your choice will be, you won't be disappointed! We invite you to browse through our section of modern area rugs and pick one that will be perfect for your household.

Abstract Patterns of Modern Area Rugs

Abstract patterns on modern area rugs are not something unusual. As this kind of floor coverings takes up a lot of space, it is a smart move to make them as decorative as possible. Aces of contemporary design let their imagination flow freely in order to create bold and stunning patterns. This, of course, might pose some serious problems for inexperienced decorators, however the challenge is absolutely worth undertaking. Inspirations drawn from the renowned expressionist and abstract painters, such as Picasso, Van Gogh, Kandinsky or Pollock, make modern area rugs present day masterpieces, ready to enrich any décor to the same extent as a painting or a sculpture.

The Importance of Buying Modern Area Rugs and Custom Area Rugs From a Reliable Source

Just as in case of antique rugs and vintage rugs, the purchase of the right custom area rug or modern area rug also known as contemporary area rug requires a trusted dealer. Why is that so? In today’s world we are swarmed by poor quality, synthetic, machine-produced goods – this sadly refers not only to carpets but most objects that surround us. The main goal of large syndicates and chain stores is to sell cheap, much and fast. Such approach not only makes fool of us as customers by artificially creating demand with constantly changing fashions and forcing us to buy even more through the low durability and thus, quick wearing out of objects, but also harms the natural environment with growing pollution and increasing greenhouse effect. To stop that, we should become more conscious as consumers and cautiously pick what to invest our money in.

Making of Supreme Modern Area Rugs and Custom Area Rugs

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Contemporary area rugs and custom area rugs from a reliable source have a lot in common with the venerable and long-lasting creations of the past. Despite the wide variety of artificial materials and dyes available on the market, as well as facilitated weaving process thanks to the mechanization of production, the finest modern area rugs and custom area rugs provided by Doris Leslie Blau are meticulously hand-knotted of natural threads only. The weaving itself is conducted in accordance with traditional, centuries-old techniques by skilled artisans which ensures durability and uniqueness of every contemporary area rug that comes off the looms. The dyes, along with materials, are solely natural. Again, someone might wonder why is that important. We hurry with an explanation. At about the mid-19th century, a German scientists developed synthetic, chemically based dyes that involved far less time and labor than vegetable-derived colors. However, these colors soon proved to be fugitive on exposure to light, or when washed. This resulted in the production of many carpets with badly faded colors or ugly dye runs that were caused by routine cleaning. Later, artificial dyes were perfected – the shades they gave became strong, saturated and uniform. Nonetheless, this brought about the loss of the lovely variegated color effects or “abrash” that were common with less controllable vegetable dyes, and that lent so much character and charm to vintage carpets. Moreover, the machine-spun wool together with improved chemical-based dyes resulted in an extremely homogenous look of modern area rugs, making the effect of light on the surface of the carpets far less lively and rich. This is why at DLB we believe in the long-established, natural ways of weaving rugs. Only such thorough making may guarantee that that your dream custom area rug or modern area rug will be one-of-a-kind, and, if properly cared for, it will serve you and your family for generations without any signs of wear or blemish.

The Freedom of Choice in Custom Area Rugs Provided by DLB

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The process of creating custom area rugs at DLB is tailored to cater to your individual needs, and to provide the desired effect. You may adjust the size, shape and design of your custom area rug in order to make it match your expectations completely. To define the general shape of your dream bespoke modern area rug you are free to browse our wide selection of ready-made designs inspired with the greatest classics of antiquity, pick a project created by one of the world’s top designers, or propose your own individual vision of the rug. Either way, we will do our best to fully meet your expectations. Our beloved customers may count on our advice and expertise during the entire process of creating their perfect custom area rugs.

Doris Leslie Blau as a Trusted Purveyor of Custom Area Rugs and Modern Area Rugs

If you desire modern area rugs/ contemporary area rugs or custom area rugs in NYC or other parts of the globe, don’t hesitate to contact us. We ensure the best possible customer service followed by free or low-cost shipment, depending on your location. We take time and care while preparing every single package for domestic and international delivery. . For further information, ask our consultants: call (212) 752-7623 for custom area rugs as well as modern area rugs, and (212) 586-5511 for vintage and antique carpets. In all carpet categories, Doris Leslie Blau's webpage offers you the ultimate shopping experience, allowing to filter through every carpet in our possession using criteria such as size, color, origins and age.

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