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Designer rugsDesigner rugs are decorative fabrics designed by interior or textile designers. Although the majority belongs to the category of modern carpets, there are many examples of vintage designer rugs. They are hard to classify as their appearance and composition depends on a vision of a particular artist. Usually, they are bold and well-thought-out, ready to become statement elements of décor.

Fashionable & Designer Rugs

Eskayel Designer Rug

Designer rugs for sale from Doris Leslie Blau? Yes! For almost 6 decades Doris Leslie Blau has been a leading supplier of antique and vintage rugs. We are a trusted advisor to decorators in selecting the perfect designer rug.  Designer rugs serve as the foundation or focal point of a design scheme. DLB has always understood the subtle interaction between the elements of a design. All together they reveal a narrative that reflects the unique style of the homeowner. By their multi-sensory beauty, designer rugs play a pivotal role in making a statement.

Buttoned-down or whimsical? Neutral or bold? Staid or humorous? Choose your style! Designer carpets and rugs can set the tone of the decor. Moreover, they provide the twist around which the entire room coalesces. Thus, designer rugs capture and reflect the soul of a room.

More recently we have broadened the range of styles and vintages that we offer our clientele. By adding new designer rugs and custom carpets, we are able to cater for all the needs of our customers. Moreover, we have partnered with some of the most creative and well-known fashion designers in the world. Everything to create truly special new designs to reflect the unique fashion sensibility of our clients.

Prestigious fashion designers such as Nanette Lepore and Tommy Hilfiger have created custom designer rugs exclusively for us.

Tommy Hilfiger designed two rugs, Tibetan and Aubusson in construction but with a modern chain pattern in the case of the Tibetan and a red-bordered field of ship’s wheels used in the Aubusson.

Style of Designer Rugs

Tibetan Silk Designer Rug

The designer rug selection brings a creative modern eye to rug design. Among others, it is a mix of eclectic and abstract patterns. Many of the designer rugs subtly recall elements of traditional carpet-weaving. They include organic forms like the branches and flowers of antique Oriental rugs.

Some designer rugs draw from works of art or early modern 20th century rugs. For example, one of our more recently curated collections features a Nigerian cloth pattern by Kim Alexandriuk. It evokes traditional tribal patterns but assembles them with a more modern sensibility. Alexandriuk also does a riff on traditional Berber rugs. She uses their traditional materials and style of weaving. By those means, he creates a modern mélange of rectilinear and curved shapes in a simple two-tone palette. Ann Getty and Associates works with a traditional floral pattern. However, she shatters the tradition with its exuberant coloration and the non-standard arrangement.

Designer rugs by James Andrew take three colors and lay them out in a simple manner. The arrangement features a circle contained within a field of rectangles and squares. At the other extreme, William Sofield uses a subdued palette of browns. He punctuates it by small busts of green and ochre as a backdrop to a deceivingly primitive-looking pattern. The pattern recalls the sun, moon, and stars all laid out in a non-linear manner across a subtle checkerboard field.

Designer Rugs by DLB

Other renowned designers who have created patterns for our designer rugs collection include: Mariette Himes Gomez, Amy Lau, Miles Redd, Bunny Williams, Cullman & Kravis, Carey Maloney & Hermes Mallea, M (Group), Brett Beldock, Buzz Kelly, Lucca & company, and our very own, Doris Blau, among many others.

Please enjoy our collection of designer carpets and rugs for sale. They are ready to make a home anywhere from traditional to contemporary and modern. Designer rugs allow you to make your own distinct statement.

An Exceptional Collection of Designer Rugs for Sale

Rug by Designer Parkin SaundersBunny Williams Designer RugRug designed by Arthur DunnamEskayel-Ripple PearlModern Eskayel Designed RugModern Eskayel Madagascar Designed RugModern Eskayel-Natale Cerulean Silk RugHive - A Moroccan RugNanette Lapore Peacock RugHarlemTattoo by Kim AlexandriukTattoo Relief by Kim AlexandriukTibetan Tommy Hilfiger TH1 RugTaj Blue II