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Vintage rugs are associated with great creativity, irrepressible charm and dashing style. They come from all corners of the world, from America through Europe to Middle and Far East. A bit too young to be called antique, vintage rugs are ones that are at least 40 years old. Their diversity stems from and adds up directly to the heritage of antiquity. Thus, the terms vintage and antique in reference to carpets are sometimes used interchangeably.

Mid-20th century is the time when the majority of today’s most sought-after vintage rugs were created. This noble group includes the works of world-famous designers and artists. Scandinavia is represented by Marta Maas-Fjetterstrom, Barbro Nilsson, Judith Johansson, and Ingegerd Silow, among others. England had William Morris or Gavin Morton, while Morocco boasts the works of Berber artisans from the Rif Mountains near Taza. Various destinations, from China through India to Spain, surprise with their very different outlook on design.

Vintage Rugs reflect the socio-political changes happening from the late 19th to the late 20th century. This means they are largely defined by the new ways of thinking and key artistic movements of the last era. Minimalism, abstraction, innovative materials and techniques – all this and more awaits to be discovered in our collection of vintage area rugs and vintage rugs for sale.

Vintage Rugs in Decorating

Next to their historical and significative layer, vintage rugs embody an astounding variety of timeless designs. Perhaps, the most popular are Scandinavian flat weaves or Moroccan Beni Ourains. Both these groups have gotten worldwide famous in the mid-20th century and their renown hasn’t faded ever since. Beni Ourains are shaggy wool carpets with traditionally an off-white background and pattern executed in a dark color. The uncomplicated geometric motifs are sometimes rendered with deliberate flaws to express the weaver’s humility towards God in accordance with the maxim that only He is perfect. Once discovered by Modernist artists, Beni Ourain vintage rugs have become an indispensible element of every Mid-Century Modern décor.

Scandinavian flat-weaves, also known as Rollakans, are perfect for a balanced arrangement with a touch of homeliness. These pastel charmers always bring in playfulness and warmth. Their simplicity is their biggest strength, along with excellent execution. Fringed or not, they will make every interior feel like home, even kitchen islands

Chinese or French Deco spice things up with contrasting colors and bold designs. Arts&Crafts vintage rugs, on the other hand, are perfect for English Countryside, Farmhouse or any interior with a slightly romantic vibe. Kilims and Samarkand vintage area rugs will make a proper statement in absolutely any room, from minimalistic to bohemian. Of all carpets, vintage rugs are perhaps the finest muses that continue to inspire next generations of decorators.

The Doris Leslie Blau Collection of Vintage Rugs and Vintage Area Rugs for Sale

Doris Leslie Blau is thrilled to present the collection of vintage area rugs and vintage rugs for sale. In our assortment we have only top-notch, authentic, high-quality specimens. With full confidence we encourage you to browse our website in search for the perfect design. If real-life experience is something you prefer, please visit one of our galleries in New York City or Washington D.C. and let yourself touch the magic. We will serve you with our expertise and kind advice.

To us, carpets are not just utilitarian objects but works of art executed in meticulously woven threads. Our goal is to deliver their beauty to anyone craving for it. We try to provide the top-shelf customer service and make sure that the client leaves not only satisfied but enchanted with his or her purchase. Follow us to discover some of the finest vintage rugs in the world.

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