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Vintage Looking Rugs

Vintage looking rugs are back in the game. Interior design trends in return to the past. Very popular are stylizations referring to the vintage interior and not even that old yet sixties or seventies, coincidentally gaining popularity in recent times, are classified into this category. 

Vintage, rustic and provence styles are coming back to the salons, including those considered to be modern. Do not be afraid of bold stylizations, but in the same time be careful not to overcolor it.

Carpet is one of the most important styling elements in our apartment. So for these trends to be able to boast typical decorations for themselves, flooring market offers interesting, stylized vintage looking rugs, which are often one of the most beautiful ornaments in such interiors.

Thus we have the carpets based on patchworks. Art of the American pioneers who successfully took on the European continent not only as a technique of performing quilts but also beautiful carpets. In addition, an fashionably aged carpet fantastically compose with a modern interior in vintage style.

The carpet in strips for example, of slightly unleavened nature, usually associated with carpets woven until recently by housewives from different colored rags,will fit harmoniously into the interior in the vintage style. Though admittedly, it does not have to be unleavened, but because we like the comfort, the carpet of soft, fluffy fleece well fulfill its task as an imitation of a carpet from a real sheep’s wool.

Inside a vintage interior it is a good idea to place a squishy carpet which design is reminiscent of the hard, old boards. Inventive design not only will interest and delight but also will fill the room with a country house atmosphere and the warmth of carpet will provide cosiness even without the fire from the fireplace. Although if you do have a fireplace, the effect will be even stronger.

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