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The Jewels of Iran

Persian rugs are the most famous oriental products that can reach extraordinary high prices. Wool and silk models are appreciated throughout the world, being also the most common souvenir from a trip to Iran.

The names of Persia is not used officially for decades. However, the culture of this region, constituting more than 50% of the roots of today’s inhabitants of Iran, is still alive. An integral part of it are Persian rugs. They are appreciated all over the world because of its quality, beauty and value. Therefore, they should not be missing from any store offer.

Vintage Persian rugs are the best known products from Oriental models. Woven by hand, they have a history dating back hundreds of years. For centuries, they served not only utilitarian functions, but also religious (as prayer rugs) and social (the quantity and richness of Persian carpet was associated with the wealth of the family property).

Global awareness and knowledge about the carpets of the region is not particularly wide. Most of us use the term “Persian carpet” on virtually any product, which has oriental decorations. Meanwhile, the original products come from areas of Iran today. The inhabitants of this country are extremely sensitive about comparing their products to Turkish or Indian models. Admittedly, Persian rugs are among the best quality and at the same time the most expensive of the world.

Some of them, especially those that already have years of history, are sold at auctions as a works of art for thousands of dollars. Vintage Persian rugs have already been sold even for several million dollars! Not without reason it is said that such articles are an excellent investment of capital.

When buying a rug directly in Iran, let us remember that this what the price will be given to us in the market, it is not the final price. The possibility of bargaining is one of the most characteristic features of the culture of the Middle East. It turns out that the price must necessarily bid down, because sticking with the original cost will offend the seller. Carpets from Iran can also be purchased worldwide.

Antique Persian tabriz
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