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Rugs Styles

There are many ways of determining rugs styles. The main feature of nailing down the quality of the carpet is the number of points (or bundles) per square meter.

You could compare it to a “resolution” of the carpet – the bigger the better. In the simplest words is the amount of each visible piles per square meter of its surface. Standard for smooth carpet is the number of points in the range150 – 500 000, which allows to enjoy its softness and already gives a clear pattern. Thick carpets, silk or viscose may have up to two million points allowing you to get the carpet pattern quite similarto the painted image. However, the thicker the fibers, the more difficult to contain a large number ofpoints on the defined surface. Thus, for example. Shaggy carpets with very thick thread fleece will have about 50 thousand points per square meter. And although it will no longer be able to achieve the exact same pattern, it will still be soft and fluffy – what is their main advantage. Another important feature of the carpet is the weight per square meter. And here is very similar – the higher itis the more massive of carpet, softer and theoretically better. It is related directly to the amount of tufts pile height and thickness of the pile threads. The higher the value, the better quality of carpet. The quality of the carpet also depends directly on the type of fiber from which it is made. Here we can distinguish carpets of natural fibers such as wool, silk or cotton, or synthetic fibers, eg. Polypropylene, acrylic, viscose and many others. The diversity of these characteristics and possibility of modifying them allows the creation of a huge number of quality combinations which can also affect rugs styles or price.

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