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Beauty of Vintage Ivory Background Carpets in Your House

This article concerns vintage ivory background rugs. When thinking about a Persian or an Oriental vintage carpet, we often imagine them in a rich palette consisting of strong reds, blues or yellows.

Ivory is not the first color we associate with vintage carpets. By doing so, we make a big mistake. Nothing can compare to the beauty of an ivory background carpet. Especially when it’s a well-maintained one. Some find it risky to acquire such a carpet. However, it can be an extremely valuable investment.

The Making of a Vintage Ivory Background Carpet

There are two ways of achieving ivory backgrounds. First, by weaving pre-washed wool in a particular shade. Second, by bleaching it using acid. The latter method is mostly used with older pieces that need overdyeing. The resulting color is a strong, clear white. The biggest advantage of an ivory background rug is how perfectly white brings out the color of the carpet’s pattern. When it comes to Persian rugs, we can see that red is a dominant hue, although browns, blues and oranges can appear too. Thanks to the white background, the patterns seem more clear and defined, something that would be lost if the central field was in a different color. Presence of white encourages some rather creative solutions. It is not unusual to see a very light pattern on a milky white background. Surprisingly enough, not only does it look visible, but also stunning, similarly to white ink tattoos on light skin.

Dacorating With Vintage Ivory Background Rugs

How to decorate with vintage ivory background rugs? Although stylistically this type of carpets fits most of interiors – especially modern ones – the amount of white makes placing them much easier. The only thing to certainly avoid is using them in a room with many white elements, as this particular color tends to cool down the atmosphere. Of course with particular accessories in warm hues it can be easily avoided and you can enjoy your ivory background rug in any place you want.


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