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Kasuri Rug N11091 18'6" × 24'9" $82,500

There are very few décor elements, next to lightning and paint, that have impact as strong as a well-matched bold rug. A carpet is one of the very first things a person sees when entering a room. It defines zones, enriches them with color, pattern and texture . Moreover, contemporary carpet can add the feel of coziness to the room, thus making it complete. There is no better way of determining ones’ living space than placing a good modern rug, and no contemporary carpet to do it better than a bold rug. 

This stunning contemporary bold rug is a dream come true of any interior designer. A perfect mix of beauty and elegance, this modern carpet is bound to serve you and your family faithfully for years to come. It was hand-knotted using curly-mohair, which ensured its softness and durability. Its design includes  an allover pattern depicting a series of diamond-like shapes with small squares in the middle. While they are not perfectly symmetrical, small imperfections in the pattern only serve to make it look more authentic. However, what truly draws attention to this piece is certainly its color palette. A mix of vivacious yellows, browns and beiges creates a composition which can warm up any interior.

Doris Leslie Blau’s collection of bold contemporary rugs is filled with countless treasures from all over the world. Our antique rugs and modern carpets can charm even the most demanding connoisseurs, so be sure to visit our website for more high quality rugs


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Price: $82,500

Item No.: N11091 Size: 18'6" × 24'9" (563 × 754 cm)