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Ultra Violet: Top 10 Inspiring Rooms In Pantone Color of the 2018

In the upcoming year Pantone intends to take us on a daring space adventure, both mystic and imaginative. By announcing Ultra Violet the color of 2018, the Institute introduces a bit of a positive and creative stir in the design world as the chosen shade is far from boring!

According to Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of Pantone:

“We are living in a time that requires inventiveness and imagination. […] From exploring new technologies and the greater galaxy, to artistic expression and spiritual reflection, intuitive Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to come.”

Bold yet enigmatic, formerly associated with counterculture yet brought to the forefront by the very rebels who waved it as the sign of their originality, including stars such as Jimi Hendrix, Prince or David Bowie, feminine yet with a strong masculine quality to it, the blue-based purple is paradoxical and full of surprises. d!

pantone ultra violet color of the 2018

We hope you’ll be as thrilled as we are to embark on that wonderful color voyage and introduce Ultra Violet to your home décor in 2018. These 10 inspiring interior arrangements were selected to show you how the hue may be applied to any style in a clever way. To infinity and beyond!

1. Dainty Splendor

A room with a distinct feminine vibe, inspired by the luxurious glamour style, in which lilac walls form a truly artistic combination with golden additives. The royal and opulent arrangement is visually relieved due to the modern table with transparent tops. Daring but sublime, just like Ultra Violet itself.

House Beautiful

2. The Charm of Regency

In this graceful living room, Ultra Violet is smuggled in the accessories. Thanks to the saturated shade, the oriental rug and the corresponding painting, along with the cushions, determine the overall character of the space. The décor is full of references to the Hollywood Regency style, including ornamental lamps or a dark and arched wall unit.


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3. Vintage Mystery

This vintage flat swimmingly mixes dimmed purples in different degrees of brightness that together form a whole spectrum of the color. Violet looks beautiful in the company of antiques, emphasizing their noble line. A special attention should be paid to the velvet couch which adds delicate luster to the deep purple shade. Violet and velvet – the power of double ‘v’ is unbreakable, especially in a vintage arrangement!

Arlo & Jacob

4. Asian Perfection

A bedroom in a Japanese style – completely minimalist yet full of energy thanks to the profound colors. Here, Ultra Violet is combined with the fancy copper shade which made tastemakers and designers go crazy in 2017. Simple and smooth.


5. Deep Purple in the North

Is Ultra Violet too audacious for Scandinavian design? Not necessarily. Here, a purple velvet armchair introduces a note of eclecticism, adds character and refreshes the décor. However, it does not dominate the whole – a strong Scandinavian tone still resounds in the interior.

Amelia Widell

6. Violet-Cool

If Ultra Violet can match a Scandinavian arrangement, it’s suitable for a Cali-Cool abode all the more! The bold color hidden inside the wardrobe is a great idea for those who would like to give a chance to the new trend, but in a safe and controlled way.

by Claudia Pelizzari

7. Sense and Sensibility

An artistically decorated living room where Ultra Violet boosts the romantic nature of the place. An old dresser, a painting on canvas, wildflowers and a sofa on wooden legs, complemented by the color of the year 2018, form a coherent, feminine interior full of soul .

Elle Decoration

8. Palatial Chic

The foundation for this posh bedroom is created of purple combined with antique accessories in the shade of old gold. Again, the prevailing color is presented in different versions, from the darker Ultra Violet to the whitened lilac, in order not to overwhelm the arrangement. Once again, we have solid proof that for royal interiors it is hard for a better color than violet!

Frances Herrera Interior Design

9. Decorative Fantasy

Believe it or not – Ultra Violet will also work extremely well in you private home SPA. In this case, the Art Nouveau wall wallpaper animates the monotonous white of the bathroom, and adds a bit of ‘hotel’ atmosphere to it. The space looks lavish yet tasteful, perfect for a lady performing her daily ablutions.

phot by Anthony Tieuli

10. Bloom Plum

Bohemian-inspired interiors also crave the unstoppable force of Ultra Violet! Here, the deep color exposed on the bedding does not dominate the overall décor but nicely blends into the arrangement. This is another way to invite the new trend home without painting walls or undertaking other more permanent steps


Urban Outfitters

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