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Contemporary Tibetan Rug
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Contemporary Tibetan Rug N11409 10'0" × 15'0" $19,000

This delectable composition inspired by Art Deco aesthetics stimulates the senses with its harmonious organic pattern and luxurious palette of colors. Extinguished shade of gray perfectly adapts to the light violet and black so that everything vibrates with exceptional style and elegance. A complex scheme, resambling dragon scales or cortex of an exotic tree covers the entire surface of the Art Deco rug, gracefully underlining the laborious hand-made realization of it. You should pay close attention to this item if you are looking for something that will fill he mood of your house in a truly exquisite way. Enjoy this pile-woven piece of art.

Modern rugs, also known as contemporary rugs originate from various early 20th-century weaving styles. The vintage Art Deco carpets of France, China or America are one of the paramount examples of early modernism in textile design. Art déco was characterized by classicization of geometry and the desire to synthesize the forms. Its main goal was the search for beauty as a function of the object and the clarity of the message in graphics or painting.

Vivid and bright colors known from Art Deco rugs were inherited from Fauvism. Since Art Deco, a vast group of modern area rugs has even further moved away from figurative representation, relying heavily on the simplicity and the purity of form, emphasizing the importance of texture and, thus, expressing the maximum of content using the most modest means. Therefore, contemporary rugs and carpets, with their moderation and sublimity, constitute the perfect complement to up-to-date interior arrangements.


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Price: $19,000

Item No.: N11409 Size: 10'0" × 15'0" (304 × 457 cm)
Style: , Origin: Tibet
Location: Chicago