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7 Interior Decor Trends For 2018 That Will Make You Go WOW

December is the best time to play a clairvoyant and predict the future. Yet do not be mistaken – no one is looking into a crystal ball in a dim tent, mumbling intelligible prophecies! Instead, we checked what sits inside the heads of the greatest designers, tastemakers, fashion dictators and (extra)ordinary people to see what will be in vogue in 2018. And guess what— it’s going to blow your minds away!

1. Colors in the Kitchens

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Although white kitchen cabinets are absolute classics, they are slowly giving way to more colorful alternatives. Ever since Sherwin Williams proclaimed his Oceanside blue as the color of 2018, it became clear that next year the extinguished shades of blue would dominate not only the walls.

Source:, dwell

The most fashionable kitchens are found in graphite hues, warm grays as well as all shades of blue – from light azure to dark navy. Color in the kitchen equals advantages only – it adds character to the apartment, and the cabinets themselves do not deteriorate as quickly as in the case of white ones. Practical and aesthetic aspects in one.


Source: Stephani Buchman,

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2. Concrete Everywhere


The trend for concrete has already started in 2017 and, as expected, it should triumph throughout the entire 2018 (or even longer).The material is durable and relatively easy to work with. Its natural, light gray hue matches the vast majority of contemporary décors.

Source: Oxford Larder in Collingwood, Juli Baker

The trend for concrete has already started in 2017 and, as expected, it should triumph throughout the entire 2018 (or even longer). The material is durable and relatively easy to work with. Its natural, light gray hue matches the vast majority of contemporary décors. On the top of that, it is extremely versatile!

AD Architectural Digest Germany
Elle France

concrete sink, wabi sabi farmhouse bathroom

From concrete you may make almost anything concerning interior design – floors and walls, the elements of furniture and bathroom equipment. In the upcoming year, concrete sinks will be super fashionable. We are wondering what will come next!

Source:  Oslo Design Fair. Styling Kirsten Visdal, Annabell Kutucu

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3. Rattan for Storage and More

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Rattan, also known as manila or malacca, is a natural material acquired from climbing palms belonging to the Calamoideae subfamily, considered the best for the production of woven furniture. Rattan armchairs are an affordable and indisputably trendy alternative to regular, upholstered seats, which additionally, thanks to their lightness and openwork construction, relieve the interior and add a distinct Cali-Cool vibe.

Source: Australian House & Garden,

The latest obsession are rattan storage accessories – baskets, boxes and flower pots. However, the true great rage is for rattan lampshades and mirror frames. Elegant and full of grace, rattan will be a frequent guest at your house in 2018.

Marie Claire Maison by Kaitlin Madden

Source: myscandinavianhome,

4. Wabi-Sabi in Houses and Hearts

images by A. Habib via Homelife

If you’re not certain which decorating trend will be lightening the way in the upcoming months, we have a clear answer – it’s Wabi-Sabi. Announced by the director of as the main style of 2018, Wabi-Sabi arrives straight from Japan.

Source: Brooke Hammel and Jose Alvarez pic by Julia Robbs, A. Habib via Homelife

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It derives from the way of living that focuses on finding beauty within the imperfections of life and accepting peacefully the natural cycle of growth and decay. In decorating, Wabi-Sabi is expressed through cherishing the not-so-perfect and creating a livable ambience as opposed to a shop-window arrangement. It’s great news that 2018 gives us the opportunity to release the tension, relax and enjoy the very substance of life without worrying too much about trifles.

Source: Brooke Hammel and Jose Alvarez pic by Julia Robbs

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5. Velvet Smoothness

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The trend for velvet started to sprout during this year’s fall and we expect it to bloom in 2018. Smooth and refined as Alan Rickman’s voice, the material imbues any interior with chic and elegance, and is exceptionally pleasant to the touch.

Source: Bemz, Apartment Therapy

The tender, luxurious texture of a sofa or an armchair upholstery is something you will not easily get rid of once it lands in your abode. Not to mention, velvet brings out the best in each color thanks to its delicate luster – it can easily transform dark blue into sapphire or green into emerald. It gives a genuinely royal touch to your décor. Moreover, it fantastically corresponds with raw materials, like concrete, so various trends of the 2018 can easily be combined!

Source: Elle Studio Gallery,


6. Moody Colors


The colors announced for the upcoming year are to be dark, rich and subdued. For 2018, the PPG ‘Voice of Color’ brand chose a graphite shade of Black Flame; Sherwin Williams, on the other hand, went with the darkened Oceanside blue. We anticipate a boom in colors associated with luxury – emerald green, gold, crimson, as well as earthy and clay tones, and inky blues. To sum up –shades exuding upmost elegance and warmth are on the march and you should be prepared to let them in soon.

Source: via The Interiors Addict, via

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pantone ultra violet color of the 2018

7. Antique Persian Rugs Now and Ever

The company of luxurious colors, raw materials, including concrete and rattan, and elegant fabrics, like velvet, perfectly combines with genuine Persian rugs. These wonders of the Orient are going to clasp all the 2018 trends like a buckle and complement them with the timeless dimension of the centuries-old, yet surprisingly up-to-date designs and impeccable execution. Although an antique Persian rug is something that never goes out of fashion, we believe that it will fit exceptionally well into the 2018 interior arrangements.

antique rug living room
Doris Leslie Blau Rug, Constance Hall Design
Doris Leslie Blau Antique Persian Rug
Antique Persian Rug by Doris Leslie Blau

Courtesy-of-Alyssa-Rosenheck, Doris Leslie Blau Antique Rug

For more inspirations, take a peek at Doris Leslie Blau website – we are always at your disposal. And if by any chance you are visiting the capital, step into The Washington Design Center, 1099 14th Street N.W. Washington, D.C. 20005, to see our showroom. You can also give us a call at 202-808-9361.

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