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Top Three Trends in Contemporary Rugs

by Descience Laboratories Inc. and Sachs Lindores Moroccan Stripe carpet
A Sachs Lindores Moroccan stripe carpet featured in Architectural Digest in a space designed by Descience Lab

In the last year or so we’ve seen a big jump in interest in our contemporary rug collection. And in that time, we’ve also seen tastes change: People are opting for understatement and nuance where big and brash were once the thing.

Here are the three most resonant modern textile trends we’ve observed of late.


Monochrome is bold and stark, timeless and chic. When used as a holistic design aesthetic, it can make for highly dramatic quarters. Monochrome rugs run the gamut. Some are statement pieces, some ground their surrounds in more subtle fashion.

Black is a sure way to add impact to a space
North Africa Runner N10783
Ice White N10602

 Classic with a Twist

Kate Hayes Design
A bespoke rug based on a Mid-Century Modern design by Parkin Saunders.

Of course, there are modes of textile design that will never go out of style. Many of the pieces in our contemporary collections, and the bespoke pieces we create, are based on classic designs. An updated iteration of a classic can provide the perfect blend of modernity and elegance.

A French Modernist Rug BB5644
Hemp Harvin Rug N10624
Mallow Mint Rug N10635

 Uniqueness in texture, weave and color

new rug

There’s definitely a movement afoot to redefine and deconstruct the modern rug. Unconventional materials, like copper and bamboo, have been cropping up in new designs. An unusual color or an unconventional weave is a nod to individuality. Traditionally, rugs come in staid patterns, but something surprising can add personalization to a space.

Aqua Element Rug N10779
Rhombus Rug N10835
Infinity Rug N10841

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