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Rhombus Rug N10835

Price: $35,000

New rugs by Doris Leslie Blau build on the refinement of centuries-old weaving techniques and the contemporary aesthetic thought. They truly are the carpets of yesterday, today and tomorrow. The exceptional rug before your eyes, which draws richly from the Art Deco style, is a result of our professional ardor.

The entire field of the modern rug carries an allover design of rhombuses . The angular character of the pattern, in addition to being versatile, will bring a sense of order into any arrangement. Everything is complemented by a color palette of navy blue and warm beige that will prove timeless in every décor.  As such, this Deco-inspired rug can be named a piece of art.

Next to exquisite appearance, the  rug boasts refined workmanship. It was carefully hand-knotted of natural yarns by a skilled artisan to ensure its durability and overall quality. Under proper maintenance, the contemporary carpet will serve its owners for generations without any signs of wear.

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Item No.: N10835 Size: 12'2" × 18'4" (370 × 558 cm)
Style: Art Deco, Geometric