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Take A Peek Inside Mandy Moore’s Super Trendy Pasadena Home

Watching her work in the show business, one may tell straight away that Mandy Moore is prone to beauty. This deep artistic sensitivity along with joy, confidence and knack for design find reflection in her utterly chic Pasadena house. The actress/singer/choreographer knows exactly what’s hot but she’s far from blindly following the trends. Moore proves that the comfy vibe is not solely reserved to Farmhouse or Boho. Come with us on a tour around this airy and consistent abode and feel at home.

The Living Room


First stop – the parlor. Combining the elements of Mid-Century Modern and Scandinavian, the room exhibits perfect balance. Its central attraction is the fireplace. Here, the simplistic whiteness of the tiles is gently broken by an intriguing terrazzo mantelpiece by Emily Farnham architecture.

That is precisely what we meant in the introduction. Terrazzo, experiencing a resurrection at the moment, is applied in an unobvious way to boost convenience and the decor. The vintage bench in a Fabricut velvet in Millennial Pink and golden parts of the tables add a pinch of feminine character to the otherwise neutral arrangement. Personalized but tasteful – simply on point!


The Dining Room


Let’s move on to the place which every food and conversation fan loves. Minimalistic and clearly inspired with the Mid-Century Modern, the dining room relies on few accents that make it special. The focal point is a brass suspension light by Lambert & Fils. Both geometricism and the golden sheen of brass are currently ubiquitous in the works of world’s greatest designers.

Wooden chairs counterbalance the austerity while beautifully corresponding with the nature outdoors. Speaking of which, the biggest impression is left by spacious glazings allowing the greenery and sun to permeate the interior. Truly awe-inspiring.


The Kitchen

Another room, another trend finds its way into Mandy Moore’s serene vision. In this dashing kitchen the first fiddle is played by the colorful veined marble island. Not only does it look absolutely timeless but it actually is such. Marble is durable and easy to maintain. Judging by its decorating potential dating back to antiquity, it’s safe to say it will never go out of vogue.


Minimalism rendered in white links all the interiors, at the same time constituting a background for ornamental additives. The kitchen, next to the elegant island, flaunts gilded faucet and lightning. That is again a reference to the brass finishes that presently conquer the Internet being Pinterest’s no.1.

The Bedroom

mandy-moore-house-trendy-interior-design Now we’ll find out out how gorgeous Mandy managed to smuggle the latest crazes into her private chambers. Bedroom means comfort above all. A Moroccan area rug makes sure that comfort is what she shall have. Shaggy and tribal but dichromatic and moderate, this Beni Ourain seamlessly complements the space while bringing in warmth.

morooccan rug in the bedroom
Moroccan Rug

Normally, we would say it’s our favorite part of the room, however, this time we simply can’t ignore the bed. Boasting the jewel tone of hunter green, the bed makes a vibrant and extra stylish statement. The overall design is bound with hand-made, boho hallmarks – an artwork macramé by Sally England and a fringed blanket. Coziness guaranteed.


mandy-moore-house-trendy-interior-design Finally, we conclude our tour with a bit of relaxation in Mandy Moore’s home spa. The bathrooms definitely correspond with the rest of the house. Once more we may dive into the soothing atmosphere, meticulously crafted of unique accents against clean surfaces.



The master bath features an Aquatica freestanding tub, while in another, a custom brass floor inlay is set in terrazzo. Not to mention sage green tiles, a fancy ‘starburst’ chandelier or a modern painting. Everything works together towards total harmony, simultaneously escaping boredom. We must admit that, in addition to her many traits, Mandy Moore has a makings of a great decorator.

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All images from Architectural Digest