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Shirvan Rugs – The Quintessence of Style

Shirvan is a region in the Azerbaijan Republic, in the eastern part of Caucasus. If you are an enthusiastic rug collector, it is certain that the word ‘shirvan’ makes your heart beat faster as rugs from this particular area of Caucasus are considered to be a real treat for the eyes and soul. Especially the early Shirvans, from the 19th century, are quite rare and therefore not easy to find even for the antique suppliers and that makes them a truly desired gem.

Shirvan rugs are renowned for their excellent knotting that guarantees incomparable quality and outstanding durability. They are believed to be the most sophisticated rugs of the Caucasus region as they feature miraculous patterns, deep colors, and clever compositions that you will find nowhere else. They are highly decorative as often they consist of a central medalion surrounded by floral patterns, sometimes they are striped with the colors interfusing with one another. Symmetry and the regular arrangement of motifs on a rug is also quite common. While crafting Shirvan carpets local producers often enriched them in many artful details and hidden symbols from their culture and traditions, which makes them even more precious.

The Shirvan rug will enhance your space by giving it a sophisticated look and elegant style. For sure it is a perfect choice for people with charisma, whose houses tend to have strong and deep accents. Their shape is often long and narrow so you can always use your Shirvan as a posh decoration of the wall. They might become the highlight of a more toned or discreet surrounding, but they will also blend perfectly in a vivid and colorful space. However, the owner of the Shirvan rug must be aware that it is not only a typical carpet, but a real piece of art and therefore it deserves a proper display.

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