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Antique Caucasian Carpet BB6373 2'2" × 3'0"

This antique Caucasian rug may not be overwhelming in terms of size but it is immense due to the profound history that lies behind it. It is a weaving wonder that was made a decade before the longest living person of today was born and it carries the craft and artistic thought of our ancestors. Its soft pile was attentively and reverently hand-executed of the finest wool in accordance with ancient weaving techniques. That precisely is a guarantee of its longevity, confirmed by the fact that it have lasted unblemished throughout the course of over two centuries. The design of this steeped- in-history piece is firm and figurative – it represents a lion, the king of animals and the symbol of strength and wealth. Such pattern is supposed to bless its owner with the before mentioned qualities and undoubtedly it does. The rug is beautifully finished with a fringe at two opposite sides. By looking at this antique wonder one may travel back in time to the days when people relied on simple motifs to convey important messages. It is not only a work of art – it is a part of our history enclosed within the intertwining warp and weft.

Item No.: BB6373 Circa: 1880 Size: 2'2" × 3'0" (66 × 91 cm)
Antique Caucasian Carpet BB6373

Antique Caucasian Carpet BB6373