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Caucasian Antique Rug BB6361

Price: $7,000

This enchanting piece is a remarkable example of Caucasian tribal art in rugs. Both its main field and the main border are adorned with traditional motifs, including flowers, foliage, medallions and an extremely interesting factor – silhouettes of animals and men. This figurative and symbolic representation of living beings emphasizes the countryside character of the composition and is a graceful nod towards the early weaving craftsmanship and the primordial ways of life of nomadic peoples.

The color palette is elegant and balanced, composed of toned shades of indigo, off-white, rosewood and brown on a sandy beige background. Although evidently rural and perhaps made for domestic use, the antique rug is distinguished by an impeccable quality. It was masterfully hand-crafted of the finest wool by a skilled artisan in old and refined weaving techniques. Due to such thorough making, this Caucasian carpet has survived over a century without any sings of damage in its structure or pile and has a chance to serve its lucky owners for generations.

The same refers to natural dyes which have not lost their saturation and charm today just as on the day they were first applied to woolen threads. This heartwarming composition will be perfect for all bohemian, shabby chic, classic or mid-century modern interior decors, bringing in warmth and a pinch of historical depth.

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Item No.: BB6361 Circa: 1900 Size: 4'7" × 7'0" (139 × 213 cm)
Style: Abstract, Bold, Casual Origin: Caucasian Rugs