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Rugs Styles

The names of rugs almost always come from the place where they were produced whether itis a city or a group of people. That’s why each rug apart from its name has also its original,unique character, referring to the place where it was made thanks to which one can find outwhere it was woven with no problem.

The most popular rugs today are the Chinese rugs, the Turkestan, the Turkmen, theCaucasian, the Indian, the Tibetan, the Turkish, the Chinese, the Pakistani, the European, theNorth African and the most popular – Persian, which for years have been the most significantamong all the existing rugs. Below there are the most interesting among them, where theirstyle of manufacturing fascinates until the present today.

The Chinese rugs:

The first rug was made about 2000 years ago. It was the time when rugs were used atcaesarean court from where they later moved to the ordinary houses. As it can be easilyconcluded, the first Chinese rugs certainly referred to the history of China – the symbols withdragons were practically everywhere. But there were also some references spiritual sphere –Buddhism.

The Turkestan rugs:

They are produced in Sinciang, in north China, where every each of them is woven manually.There are many of Chinese and Turkmen pattern on them. Previously, these rugs used toproduce in the city of Jarkend, Hotan or Kaszagar.

The European rugs:

The first rugs came to Europe in the XIth century, when they were used as the ornaments… ofwalls. Later, at the beginning of XIIIth century, the Oriental rugs appeared on many paintingsfrom Italy or England. The rugs, the mostly with Persian patterns appeared here scarcely inXVIIth century. The best rugs were created in England, France, Spain and Ireland. Their styleis simply a copy of what could be seen in Turkey, on which one’s own ideas where added,such as Christians symbols.

The Persian rugs:

Already the first rug amazed everyone around. It had to be like that seems weaving rugs it thePersian culture, which have amazed and still is the whole world. None of the rugs can

compare to the one which comes from Persia. Weaving rugs is the national proud for thepresent Iran nowhere else in the world we can find as many wonderful rugs as here. Just anumerating their types is a huge problem. Kerman. Koliai. Meszhed. Sanneh. Isfahan. Ardabiletc. A whole bunch of different styles which must be paid highly. Their names come from thecities where they are produced. Iran is their style. It’s a showcase that many people want tohave at their homes.

European inspired bassarabian rug
Antique Persian tabriz 01
Chinese rug

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