Contemporary European Inspired Bassarabian Rug N11510 by DLB
Contemporary European Inspired Bassarabian Rug
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Contemporary European Inspired Bassarabian Rug N11510 8'0" × 11'2" $8,000

Beauty of Bessarabian mid century modern area rugs is almost legendary. Nowhere else can you find such abundance of details and elegance. This one of a kind piece was clearly inspired by traditional European designs, especially French and English ones. Here flowers are a domineering motif – we can see them on both the frame and main field. They look almost life-like, thanks to great skill of the weaver mixed with high quality of materials used. Colorful circles scattered on the pile give this elegant composition a mischievous feel, almost like a playful wink. They shine with a rich palette of all imaginable colors, from blushy pink to cool blue. A flat weave wool rug like this is not a mere decoration – it’s a piece of art. Such a spurge of details and hues is sure to make any interior look special.

Flat woven rugs are so universal that they appear in almost every culture in the world. From Turkey to Peru, everyone can enjoy their beautiful patterns and stunning colors. Among oriental, Traditional Classic rugs are well known kilim rugs as well as soumaks, although Scandinavian pieces are one of the most popular carpets of this weave. 


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Price: $8,000

Item No.: N11510 Size: 8'0" × 11'2" (243 × 340 cm)
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