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Rugs: Be Bold. Think Simple.

Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Henry David Thoreau once stated, “Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify.” And, the great Albert Einstein told us that, “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.”

These great creative minds of the past all seemed to agree on a common theme here, saying that sometimes, the greatest, most courageous and creative step you can take, is a simple one.

In the world of design, I think that some may overlook this historically prized train of thought, far too often. Even more specifically in the realm of interior design, many may too often find themselves adding more, creating oomph, cultivating detail after detail after detail.

However, sometimes a designer can boldly decide that less is more. And… I personally couldn’t agree more.

Simple 1

Sometimes the slight brilliant details of an interior design can be overlooked if major elements, beautiful works of art, are battling for our visual attention. But, as pictured above, there is something delightful and refreshing when we are able to feast our eyes on one or two pops of color, one or two varying textures, one gorgeous print or pattern. This is a sign of great balance. Simple elegance. Design genius.

Simple 2

In the photo above, our eyes are drawn to the gorgeous texture and pattern of the textiles, the luxurious weave of the rug, the tiny pops of color serve as the cherries on top. Again, a sign of great balance, and a beautiful homage to simplicity.

Simple 3

It is no surprise that here at Doris Leslie Blau, we also value the beauty in simplicity. The boldness in valuing this “less is more” concept. We are able to meet the needs of any designer, as we have beautiful designer rugs that can serve as the pop of texture or color interest in an otherwise elegant room, and we also have luxurious rugs that ooze beautiful simplicity.

Simple 4

We offer designs such as the White Silk Shaggy and the Banana Silk rugs (pictured above), both of which would be a perfect and simple accents for any luxurious interior design. As simple as they are, they have life to them!

Simple 5

If a simple pop of color or texture is what you are looking for, the Solid Silk or the Solid Tibetan (pictured above) would be a most beautiful addition to your design.

Overall, Doris Leslie Blau has an endless supply of newvintageantique and custom rugs that can fit any rug design need that you may have, whether you tend to swing towards the less or more side of “Less is more.”