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GET THE LOOK: Eskayel’s Madagascar Rug

GTL 1I love this library from the 41st Annual Cathedral Antique Show in 2012. It was designed by  Lindsey Coral Harper from Lindsey Coral Harper Interiors . Her jumping-off point for the room was the Eskayel Madagascar rug from Doris Leslie Blau!  The Madagascar rug is made from Banana Silk! So if a silk rug is out of your price point, a rug made from Banana Silk will give you that gorgeous silk sheen without breaking the bank.  The banana leaf fibers are mixed synthetic fibers that help to accentuate the detail of the design. You can see more pieces made from Banana Silk HERE.

GTL 2Now on to this gorgeous library…Lindsey was going for a rich, jewel-toned room, glossy from floor to ceiling. And how about that gorgeous deep plum pink paint color that she pulled from the carpet?  The color is Mulberry by Benjamin Moore and since the rug had other rich colors and a lot of platinum, she used black and white to balance it.  Of course this gorgeous room was perfect for our GET THE LOOK series and with a rug as gorgeous as this, we had to pull it all together!

1. Zanadoo Antique Brass Chandelier
2. Pheasant Eye Curtain
3. Wall Art – Succulent
4. Wall Art – Aloe Root
5. Gourd Table Lamp – Mercury
6. Baroque Box
7. Alessandria Bowl
8. Violet Dresser – Figue
9. Kelly Wearstler Bengal Bazaar Pillow
10. Double Snake Linen Pillow
11. Benjamin Sand Leather Chair
12. Madagascar Eskayel Rug
13. Emmy Brass Tray
14. Bombay Hurricanes
15. Jujubee Pink Pillow
16. Turkish Delight Blue Grey Pillow
17. Kaori Purple Pillow