Pink is the new black

Gray, beige and white have a new member in a team, and it is Farrow & Ball’s Pink Ground. This dusky shade has been lately the most favorite color chosen not only for nurseries but also for living rooms, bedrooms, and halls. It is a very subtle and unassuming shade which makes every other hue pop in its presence. It plays wonderfully with other shades and this edgy room only proves it. Pale pink makes a great backdrop for contrasting colors. Although neutral-like, it creates more energy than gray and beige and brings warmth and subtlety to a room.


A stylist Anna Pirkola chose the pale pink to create a soothing bedroom. A colorful Moroccan rug stands out beautifully, and it also serves as a nice texture to sink her feet into when getting out of bed.

pale-pink wall

Staid and warm, it creates interiors with a fresh and soft feel. You won’t run the risk of having overly sugary and feminine room if you choose a pale pink rug.