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Modern Rugs in Traditional Settings

Nowadays, after years of maintaining consistency of look and style, designers from all over the world break thousands of aesthetic taboos by mixing modern with antique – all of this in order to bring you one of a kind products, unseen anywhere else. During those stylistic journeys into the unknown they proven that opposites do in fact attract…

And what is a better way to show it than juxtaposing modern rugs and traditional decor? A carpet can make a great difference when it comes to interior design but only if you know some basic rules on how to mix diverse styles. Here are some of the most basic ones which will make decorating not only easy but also very fun experience.

Contemporary rugs come in every shape and size you could possibly desire, making them suitable for multiple types of accommodations. If contrasted with antique furniture and decorations, they create lively and vibrant compositions with just a touch of decadence. We’d like to present you with a few tips which will help you incorporate modern rugs into more traditional interiors.

The greatest secret is to keep balance among colors. If they go well with the palette of your room, the whole composition will work out perfectly. The consistency of the color palette is the key to the calm feel. Limiting the palette to three colors holds the variety of stripes and patterns together. Think about what kind of aura should your room have – relaxed? Maybe something energetic?

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New rug contemporary Tibetan  grey white 15x12 n11417
Contemporary design rug purple beige15x10 n11409

Sometimes mixing and matching similar patterns can give an equally stunning effect. This might seem difficult at first, but luckily, contemporary designers often draw inspiration from the geniuses of the past – after all it’s not unusual to see patterns which where all the rage in the 1920’s on the rugs woven few years ago.

When juxtaposing modern rugs and antique furniture, be bold! Don’t shy away from vivacious colors and grand patterns. This will not only emphasize the chic contrast between the furnishings, but also make your room look very Art Deco. A modern area rug with a simple graphic pattern adds some edge to otherwise very conservative interiors, making them fun and energetic without overwhelming the room. For example, if you have an interior kept mostly in the shades of white, it might be a good idea to get an overscale floral rug pattern, which will bring you a bit of life and good energy.

Remember, sometimes the carpet is not enough! Make sure that it’s accompanied by decor in similar style, so it won’t look odd surrounded by traditional furniture. Try to distribute your knick-knacks equally, so you won’t end up with a half of a room in Victorian style and another half inspired by Andy Warhol. If you incorporate modernity and tradition throughout the room thoroughly, it will be much easier on the eyes.

Mixing styles is never easy but the final effect is always worth the effort. Experiment with style, decor and patterns and never be afraid of showing who you are on the inside. Who knows? Maybe you will discover your inner designer?