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Area Carpets Rugs

The beauty of carpets lies in their great diversity. No matter if you buy from the dealer or directly from the source – you can find a marvelous rug almost anywhere. However, there are always many factors one has to think through when it comes to the carpets – their size for instance. What is the best way to choose the piece of a perfect size for your room?

Not many people are aware of the fact that rugs and carpets are not always the same thing. While both terms are largely synonymous, there is a slight difference between them. Both describe a thick piece of cloth, usually woven from natural fibers, like silk, wool, jute and cotton or synthetic materials, used for decorative purposes. However, carpets are defined as stretching from and/or being fixed in one place, while rugs are of smaller size (no longer than 6.5 feet). Conventionally, if a cloth covers space of approximately 40 square feet, it is considered as a rug.

When it comes to measuring a carpet, some buyers think it would be best if it was either the size of the room it is supposed to be in or a bit smaller… But is it really a good idea? Unless you want to muffle the sounds, there is no need for a carpet so big. First of all take a look at the floor. Is it attractive to look at? If your answer is yes, then do not try to cover it! A good rug will enhance it further, making your room of choice even more beautiful. If your placement of furniture includes it standing on a carpet, you have to rethink which type you want to buy. Some rugs are not suitable for high traffic areas such as corridors, and heavy furniture can damage their pile. In that case, it might be better to acquire a smaller rug instead of a big one… Or have a few. Multiple carpets can establish different spaces in the range of one room, such as dining or leisure area. If that doesn’t sound attractive, you can also group the furniture around a rug, making it a center of the whole composition.

Carpets woven in different cultures and times can have fixed sizes. While the majority of contemporary rugs offer a wide variety of sizes and shapes, antiques are much more conservative in this. For an example, Indian dhurrie rugs are defined by their grandness, as their role was to be a place of gathering for the whole family. Diamond-shaped and octagonal-shaped rugs are less common, but appear nevertheless, often available in very unusual sizes. If you have any doubts about the size, do not be afraid to contact a rug dealer or other specialist.

Try to imagine or draw how your room should look like. It is very important to choose the carpet thoroughly, in order to avoid any problems which may even result in damaging it. Here at Doris Leslie Blau we are always happy to help you make this choice! If you have any questions, we would be delighted to answer them.

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