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If a Rug Then Only to Manhattan

Manhattan is one of the small islands which can be met in this region and still it is the most densely populated area in whole New York. Manhattan oriental rugs may sounds strange but the Island is full of the wonders of the Orient!

The city of rich, artist, all those who have a lot of money on their accounts. A small island which burst in the seams with gold.

And the rugs.

Manhattan is a big museum where we can find the whole mass of rugs from every corner of the world. Europe, the Middle East, Asia, everything which has been weaved is on Manhattan. The most expensive rugs from all over the world are right here. And there is nothing surprising about that but did anyone know about that?

It is enough to buy a plane ticket to New York, then take a taxi, whisper to the ears of the driver “Manhattan Oriental rugs” to get to the biggest workshop of rugs from all over the world the value of which exceeds several millions of dollars.

It is a place which should be visited by every maven and enthusiast of rugs. It is not necessary to travel the whole world, to hang around different cities when every kind, type, size can be found in one place. A great deal of money and time can be saved. It can be touched, smelt, admired, with one’s own eyes, the most expensive masterpieces which have ever been created.

But, it is not only a place where the rich can do the shopping. The Manhattan Oriental rugs are for everyone and we can be given every rug which was made by a human being and a machine on Manhattan. Next to those which are more expensive than our house are laying those which areer, those the price of which don’t exceed 200$. Everyone is able to find something at one’s own pocket, take home a piece of real art which comes from the most distant corner of the world.

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