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Love your home with all your hearth

Light my fire’, sang The Doors in 1966 and the fans went wild. Fire as a general concept has always been associated with danger and power, but also with flame, love, warmth and safety in equal measure. Even in the ancient times the Greek goddess Hestia was considered a patron of the hearth as well as domestic and communal peace and unity, but also..(did you know?).. architecture. So if the cold and rainy weather outside makes you long for nothing more but to curl up with a good book and stare at the flames, listening to it crackle or have some cuddle time with your beloved, take a look at some ways of incorporating a fireplace in your home.


A perfect play of geometry – a circular fireplace inscribed in a square rug inscribed in a rectangular shape of the room flooring. The sphere above provides additional light and resembles the hearth beneath.


An open-vent fireplace is built in the charade of contrasts: the black basis of the fireplace vs the cream carpet, the fluffiness of the carpet versus the harshness of the raw stone tiles, the white orchids in the painting presented on the black background, the light of the fire contra the black box of the fireplace.


What we can see here is a modern civic form of the hearth contrasted with the traditional type of wood-burning fireplace reinforced by the flame-shaped wooden sculptures, modernly arranged stack of splints and a wooden braided fruit basket on the coffee-table.


This traditional masonry construction fireplace was shaped into a triumphal arch and may inspire scary imaginations as the one of a gate to hell.


A built in gas fireplace composed into the hues of white and silver creates an impression of cold fire, adding a great deal of dignity to the look.


This outstanding tufted silver metal rug would do the job equally well.


The animal skin in front of the built-in fireplace establishes an adamant style. To recreate the look you can either go with the animal print rug like this one:


Or you can invest in the real thing:



Rocket Stove Thermal Mass Heater is a perfect solution for those who just can’t resist the heat.


This amazing fireplace is installed at Twin Farms resort in Vermont and you can enjoy it for around 3,000 dollars per night. Having water, fire and a spectacular view of nature so close to you is absolutely worth the price.


If we can have a built in the wall fireplace why not have a hanging- on-the-wall one? It’s like a real life living picture. And it’s hot!


Bathyscafocus by Focus can be turned to any part of the room. The interior gains the modern look of a submarine or a spaceship.


EcoSmar Fire is an Australian innovation – an open fireplace virtually harmless to ecosystem. It does not require any installation and without any link to fuel supply it’s perfect for any décor arrangement. Fuelled by denatured ethanol needs no maintenance and doesn’t produce inconvenient smoke. The model Zeta (presented above) is a magnificent joint of leather, steel and glass in a contemporary form of an open book, modern yet top stylish.


A fireplace enclosed by an amazing mosaic of river stones is just unbelievably compelling!