Jacques Borker Rugs

Jacques Borker was a French artist born in 1922. He was mostly connected with Art Deco and Bauhaus art movements. He is known around the world as the most influential tapestry designer of the twentieth century. Borker became famous after devoting his career to the creation of present-day tapestries and carpets known as Jacques Borker rugs. His fascinating work could be admired on art exhibitions that took place all over the world: in Europe, the United States and Asia.

The Features of Jacques Borker Rugs

Borker’s art is said to be “a pleasure for the eye”. His designs are universally admired for firmness, balance, and outstanding decorative values. Artists like Le Corbusier or Soulage took inspiration from Jacques Borker’s work. To design his rugs, Jacques Borker uses geometric abstract shapes. He also introduces balanced and unique forms. He is famous for using bold spots of vivid colors. This kind of approach adds individual touch to his designs.

In his work, Jacques Borker uses everyday materials. They can be simple, but their quality is always high (for example wool). Te artist combines lively colors to make his designs elegant. In addition, he gracefully puts the patterns together. Thus, when you look at his rugs, you experience harmony and contentment. It is a feeling far from chaos usually connected with abstract art. Jacques Borker rugs bring peace to your soul.

A Jacques Borker Rug in Interior Design

Jacques Borker rugs are a great addition to any room. They are a great match for a classic interior with a single contemporary touch. Also, you can use them in a modern interior. It this case, go for delicate colors. A carpet designed by Borker is always a great choice. Such a rug, apart from its high quality, will always catch the eye of your guests. Also, it will make the space below your feet both comfortable and soothing. A Jacques Broker rug will please the eyes with its refined aesthetic.


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