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Designing More With Less

One might say that minimalism is the easiest design style. But it doesn’t only take the use of monochromatic color scheme and few objects is a big open space to design a perfectly minimal room. 

Minimalism originated from the Bauhaus movement, and it’s become a big design trend these days. We love the style because it combines clean aesthetic with a practical approach: you can basically have anything at home, but you won’t clutter it. If you want a crisp and sleek effect linger in your home, follow few guidance from us.

Simplify it

It goes without saying that complex shapes and rich color palettes are a no-go in a minimal space. Simple colors and shapes like squares, straight lines and rectangles are typical for the style. Keep it in mind when choosing textiles. Rugs don’t need to be unicolor as long as they represent a clean and simple design.

modern rug

Let some breathing room

Exposing materials and textures has never been easier. Strip all embellishments from high quality objects to let them stand out. When looking at this minimal fireplace you will easily notice that the material on the ottomans and the sleek texture on the wall take a central place without being overshadowed by other ornaments.


Less is more

Make only one element stand out in a room. One yellow accent chair catches the eye and makes more of the impact in a gray color scheme than several yellow pieces would do.

pop of color

The colorful patterned rug alone makes a strong design statement in monochromatic neutral settings.


Embrace White

Versatile and fresh white is very often a staple element in a minimally designed home. In large open plan space use white for the walls throughout your home to make it feel serene. White lets your mind clear at the end of the day.