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Celebrating DLB at the D.C. Design Center


Last week was ribbon-cutting time at the Washington Design Center. And we were mightily excited to receive a little shout out in The Washington Post coverage of the occasion.

Cute Shoes
Photo taken by our woman in Washington, Madeleine Mitchell

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We first wrote about our new home here. We’re thrilled to be sharing the space with so many great companies, and it was a blast last week to see so many familiar (and talented!) faces at the festivities.

Jennifer Stoner
Jennifer Stoner and a friend in the showroom
Paul Sherrill
Paul Sherrill scored quite the swag bag
Theresa Shingler
Theresa Shingler brought along a friend, pictured here with Madeleine
Charles C Almonte
Charles C Almonte stopped by too
Rugs Washington DC
Madeleine at work

If you’re in D.C., please stop by the Design Center (Third Floor!) to check us out and say hi to Madeleine.