Antique Oushak Rugs

Turkish antique rugs are among the finest carpets ever manufactured. The name “Oushak rug” (“Ushak rug” spelling is also used) comes from a town Uşak in Turkey, in western Anatolia. In the past, these carpets were called “Anatolian rugs” but today the professionals are able to be more specific and exact and recognize a true Oushak carpet. The interesting fact may be, that the floors in the largest mosques in Istanbul are covered in hundreds of carpets, most of them being Oushak carpets.

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The rugs in Oushak were manufactured on quite a large scale since the early days of the Ottoman Empire. The demand was high and the access to fine material – which is mainly wool of a very high quality, and to the wide choice of natural dies, easy.

In spite of Oushak rugs popularity and the number of them ever manufactured, their superb features remain even in contemporary produced rugs. Fine wool, silk, cotton, and metal threads are used to weave on the base of the cotton foundation. The hand-woven knots are dense and the artistry of the technique is passed from generation to generation among the Uşak inhabitants.

In the course of time, Oushak rugs were influenced by Persian designs (like floral patterns), which is not the case in most of the Turkish rugs. Geometric and floral motifs are characteristic and the color palette is superb. Colors are rich and obtained from vegetable dies, and range from ivory or gray, through cinnamon, terracotta, gold, to green (especially in prayer rugs) or deep red. However, it’s not the choice of colors that makes Oushak carpets highly demanded, but their timeless, high quality and the luminous, silky wool surface.

The combination of the fine quality and colors makes any antique Oushak rug a designer’s choice for any formal room, like a living room, family room or even an office. For modern interiors, antique Oushak rug is a perfect choice.


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