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Turkish Oushak Rug

Kayseri, formerly called Caesarea, is a rug production hub in central Turkey (Anatolia). Central Anatolia is generally known to be one of core areas of carpet manufacturing in this country. Apart from Kayseri, other weaving regions in this part of Anatolia are Konya, Niğde and Sivas – all of them differ as far as the designs and traditions are concerned. Kayseri rugs –produced for export for the most part – are widely recognized for their fine weaving. Made of wool with cotton foundation, Kayseri carpet often imitates the patterns that can be seen on rugs from nearby towns, like Hereke, Kum-Kapı. Ürgüp, Avanos and İncesu.

Silk Turkish Rugs

Silk or artificial silk rugs are also quite common. Characterized by their dense weaving, rugs from Avanos have religious designs on them. The bright red field of such carpet is decorated with mosca (protective amulet) and have golden yellow borders. Ingenious ornamental patterns adorn the whole carpet, so that it draws one's attention immediately. Ürgüp rugs, on the other hand, can be easily recognized by their colors. The prevalent ones are: brown gold, bright orange and yellow. The 'Ürgüp red' field is bedecked with medallions, palmettes and various floral motifs. Silk rugs from Antique Turkish Sivas RugHereke with their refined designs of trees and birds in pale pastel palette of colors are considered very unique.

Vintage Turkish Rugs

In the vast majority of Kayseri rugs natural dyes are used. For instance, brown color can be attained from walnuts, yellow one – from saffron. Vintage Turkish rugs, for instance kilims are invariably popular and highly desired among foreign tourists. Kayseri rugs, especially those silk ones, are also adorned not only for their lively colors but for the sophisticated designs and fine weaving techniques as well. As a curiosity, we can distinguish over 200 different flower patterns on Kayseri carpets. Their floral and curvy designs cause that a single carpet can have more than 300 knots per square inch. There is definitely something magical in Anatolian carpets, no wonder they are sought after by people from all over the world.

Large Turkish Rugs

Large Turkish rugs are considered by many to be some of the most beautiful carpets in the existence. The country itself has a long weaving tradition, easily seen in the expertise of its weavers. No wonder that the popularity of Turkish rugs never seems to falter - their lush, elegant colors and elaborate patterns tempt carpet aficionados and collectors, who are often ready to travel long distances to purchase their dream rug. Luckily, our clients can find a big Turkish rug with much less effort. All you have to do is to visit Doris Leslie Blau.

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