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Abstract Rugs in Modern Interiors

Nowadays finding a perfect contemporary rug can be a piece of cake. Designers often work tirelessly day and night to deliver their audiences only the best products possible. As a result modern rug marked is filled with remarkable  pieces in all patterns and color schemes imaginable. In recent years abstract rugs started to draw more attention to themselves, thanks to some new trends in interior design. Their whimsical patterns and great quality makes them a great example of everything that is best in floor coverings. Thanks to this originality, abstract rugs stand out among Oriental rugs or Persian carpets. While some people associate abstract art with strange compositions and clashing hues, such patterns are only a small part of what this fascinating style has to offer. Abstract rugs can in fact be extremely flexible, depending on what are you expecting. There are no limitations to their colors or patterns, which makes them a great addition to any household. In this short guide we would like to give you some tips on how to fit an abstract rug into a classy modern space without creating any clashes in your interior.

Most of us associate abstract art with the 19th and 20th century when it achieved the absolute peak of its popularity in the West. Abstract art was developed due to the contribution of three other art movements: Romanticism, Impressionism and Expressionism. Although abstract art was always rather controversial, it quickly gained the interest of rich and influential patrons. Thanks to their support, artists could experiment more, resulting in creation of completely new art styles, welcomed by the society, bored with conventional art. In the United States of America the abstract art movement was especially active in New York City, as its easy going atmosphere and mix of different cultures, which made the Big Apple their home encouraged free thinking and artistic novelties.


Contemporary abstract art has as many admirers as opponents, but in the end this is what makes it so unique. Modern interior design proved to be especially kind towards abstract art, often incorporating it in one form or another into various types of rooms and accommodations, but contemporary rugs are where it is really allowed to shine.

First thing one should pay attention to when buying an abstract rug is its color scheme. Modern carpets are free from the limitations that were present when antique or even vintage rugs were made, so their palettes tend to be extremely diverse. From pastel hues to darker shades, you can find anything that will suit your needs. If you are picking a carpet for an already furnished room, be very mindful of possible clashes between colors. Such conflicts can easily make an interior look unappealing and out of balance. Interior decorating is much easier when elements of decor have some common ground in either shape or their hues. This way you will skillfully avoid a jarring dissonance between two elements and create a tasteful mix. Although it might be very tempting to pick a rug in the same colors as your walls, this will make the room seem visually smaller. It is a much better idea to look for a hues that are not dominant, such as colors of your other pieces of decor.

Contemporary abstract rugs tend to be extremely varied when it comes to their design. Take a good look at the room where you want to place the rug and think what could benefit it the most. Easiest way to fit an abstract rug into an interior is to look for a design that has some similarities with those you already have. However, sometimes mixing patterns can result in a very interesting eclectic combination that will immediately win you over. Modern interiors tend to be very forgiving, so don’t worry if you make a mistake or two – as long as you like the final effect. Try to enjoy the beauty of your contemporary rug and forget about rules if they feel too limiting for your liking.


Don’t be afraid to experiment with different textures! It is easy to underestimate their influence on the final effect, but once they are present you will notice the difference. Textures of contemporary rugs can vary. Some of them might be soft and pleasant to touch, while others will be rough with defined edges. Once an abstract rug with an interesting texture is present in your room, try adding things like cushions with a similar structure. This will further highlight the carpet, while making the room seem more unique and defined, compared to those with no textures.

The size of your antique rug is not something that should be picked willy nilly. Too big of a rug can make fitting it into the room problematic, while one that’s too small will have no impact on the interior. Bigger rugs can also easily dominate the interior, if you are not careful, due to their large patterns. Before purchasing your dream rug check its size and see how it could fit into your space. This precaution can save you from a huge headache and disappointment later on.


If you or a member of your family happens to be allergic, carefully consider what type of material your dream rug should be made of. Some types of fibers, such as wool, can cause breathing problems for those suffering from asthma, as well as hold large amounts of dust. On the other hand, both cotton and silk tend to be luxuriously soft and durable, but their price differs greatly. Thanks to its texture and stunning glister, a silken rug is normally much pricier than a cotton one, but if you want something a bit more luxurious in your accommodation it is something worth considering. Plant fibers such as hemp or jute are known for their durability and affordable price, but their color palettes tend to be limited to the shades of beige, brown and green.