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1C Custom Abstract Tibetan Rug

The Impact of Abstract Rugs

We would like to present to you an exceptional collection of abstract rugs for sale by Doris Leslie Blau. These unique abstract area rugs coming from various parts of the world, designed by gifted artists and executed with mastery and care by the best workshops, enchant with imaginative and truly magical patterns, rich colors and surprising forms that, combined together, affect our mood and emotions. Abstract rugs seize the viewers’ hearts with a whole variety of artistic wonders, and we are here to introduce you to this bewitching, delightful and thrilling artistic world.

Abstract Rugs in the Collection of Doris Leslie Blau

In our stocks we have only the finest, most enchanting and qualitative abstract rugs for sale, designed by renowned designers, or modeled on the works of world-class painters, including the giants of art like Jackson Pollok, Robert Delaunay, Henri Matisse or Wassily Kandinsky. Each abstract rug from our collection is executed with utmost diligence of top-notch materials in accordance with traditional, centuries-old weaving techniques to ensure the longevity and uniqueness of every single abstract area rug. Abstract rugs from Doris Leslie Blau constitute an ideal merger of the best features of the past and the present. The venerable technique of making abstract rugs by hand is a gift of antiquity, whereas present-day solutions help to facilitate the weaving process and introduce a fresh outlook on design. If properly cared for, an abstract rug from our stocks will serve its owners for generations without signs of blemish or wear. By purchasing an abstract area rug from a respected dealer, you invest money rather than spend it, and provide yourself with a one-of-a-kind, mesmerizing abstract rug that will be the pride of your house décor for years to come.

Abstract Rug

Abstraction – the Conceptual Foundation for Abstract Rugs

Abstraction is one of the most revolutionary trends in art which started irreversible changes in the 20th-century artistic approach and the general understanding of art. From that moment on, art stopped extracting its inspiration solely from nature, and started to deal with issues of pure form. The basic assumption of abstract arts was that an image should affect the viewer with the force of color, powerful contrast, unexpected juxtaposition of forms and extraction of feelings by playing with dynamism and harmony of the composition. After a hundred years of an unprecedented development of this direction in art, there has emerged a huge number of its variations. Also, different cultures approach the subject differently – there are artists and audiences adoring the imaginative and unrealistic creations but there are also places where the word “abstraction” is associated only with incomprehensible and, therefore, not acceptable art. However, abstract art can teach you that the form itself – the interplay of colors, shapes and lines – can delight. ‘Abstract’ denotes something detached or overall. In art, it is the opposite of the creations of nature. The work of abstract art does not conceal anything besides the personality and feelings of the artist. With the precious help of abstract rugs from our distinctive abstract area rug collection for sale, you can manifest your aesthetic taste and imbue your interior design with a solid dose of soul and expressive emotions. That’s why we think abstract rugs are so special – they help to fill the space with not only pattern but also a distinct vibe.

Decorating with Abstract Area Rugs

Usually vibrant, expressive and abundant in form, abstract rugs we have for sale may present certain challenges for inexperienced decorators. However, if one strongly feels the given aesthetics and remembers that in decorating, as in majority of visual arts, less very often means more, he or she will succeed brilliantly. A striking and dramatic abstract rug should constitute the focal point or the axis of the design as there is no chance it will calmly stand beside or disappear in the rest of the décor. Thus, abstract rugs work best in more minimalistic arrangements in which they are emphasized and set the tone for the entire room – the application of a bold carpet in an equally bold space should better be left to the professionals. However, do not be misled. Not all abstracts rugs that are for sale are synonymous with intensity – it is a common misconception to assume that an abstract rug will be glaringly ostentatious. Some carpets with abstract designs constitute a vision of serenity and peace, taking us to tranquil and ethereal places in our heads and hearts by the means of properly softened lines, delicate mirages and subtle color palettes. That is probably the most crucial aspect of abstract rugs which should always be kept in mind while decorating – in addition to adding patterns and colors, abstract rugs create mood and evoke emotions comparable only to those raised by the works of fine art.

An Exceptional Collection of Abstract Rugs for Sale

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