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4 Antique Persian Rugs to Take Your Breath Away

Last month we shared a lot with you about our vintage stacks. In May, we’re turning our attention toward the antique collection, starting with Antique Persian rugs

Persian rugs, as a category, epitomize what we are often looking for with the purchase of an antique textile. Their color, character, and weave all speak to a depth of history, a richness of tradition, and a confluence of culture that transcends the precepts and constructs that define modern interiors.

Not very many decorative objects offer up stunning elegance with the force of a masterfully-crafted antique Persian rug. And those that do might not be pieces you use, but a placed antique rug is always in use: It offers a place to sit or stand, and lends warmth and tactile comfort. And this ongoing use puts the rug’s owner on a continuum with history, makes him or her part of a generations-long legacy. And that’s what’s truly special about owning an antique rug.

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This Persian Khorassan Rug is from the late 19th Century (circa 1880). The intricacy of its patterning almost defies belief. We’ve already sold this one, and we’re sure its new owner will be discovering and appreciating new things in its design for many years to come.


This is new to our antique stacks – a Kashan rug by Mohtashem. Kashan was the most important weaving center in western Persia, and Zufilkhar Ed Din Mohtashem was the region’s most important weaver. Kashan rugs are renowned for their richness and delicacy of pattern done in wool and silk. Mohtashem was one of the finest artisans working in the Kashan tradition. His rugs use imported merino wool and employ purple and ruby-red silk bindings for the selvedges.


This Persian Kirman rug (circa 1900) is a gem. Bold and ornate, its allover warm, buttery coloring and fine floral patterning are maximally sumptuous.


The patina on this Persian Tabriz carpet is beautiful in its variance. Woven sometime around 1920, it hosts a cornucopia of flowering trellis vines and lovely palmettes on a gray-blue field.

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