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12 Great Spaces Designed for Company and Celebration


This is the time of year where many of us enjoy our homes the most, the season when we get to share our space with the people we love best.

Interior design plays a crucial part in how people congregate, even though most of your guests wont realize it. And how comfortable they feel in that space will be a direct result of the arrangement, textures and light that make the room.

There are several simple tips for making great interiors for group gatherings: You’ll want to place furniture so people can choose to be closer to the main conversation, or can pick a corner or alcove for more intimate conversation. Adequate lighting is crucial to comfort. So is texture. Fabrics, rugs and carpets set the tone and beckon visitors to sit, rest, visit and enjoy.

Take a peek at some spaces that are doing it right:

Plenty of neat and differnetiated areas to choose from in this arrangement
Traditional Upper Westside style in this intimate setup
A traditional rug lends necessary softening to this elegant space
Those windows. Sure to have guests begging for a return invite.
Chic, modern, fabulous.
This formal modernist living room benefits from the long window ledge, where guests are sure to convene for more casual interaction.
Wonderful ceiling detail and a lovely floral carpet, this space basks in warm tones.
Definitely an eclectic, funky space – perfect for your more bohemian crowds
The airy simplicity of Swedish design is always inviting, and the pretty flat weave rug here brings brilliance and energy to an otherwise stark space. Check out our vast collection of Swedish flat weave rugs here.
A traditional circular rug lends a dash of warm and heritage to this cool industrial space, and the antique TV and modernist pieces are likely conversation starters.
Such a diverse texture array in this room, plus a neat juxtaposition of contemporary and traditional rugs.

Big space or small space, traditional or modern – in each of these lovely spaces a rug plays a key part in the composition of the room. Explore the possibilities with our vintage, antique and contemporary collections.

And have a warm and love-filled Thanksgiving, wherever you may be celebrating!