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Why Rugs Are On a Roll?

When entering the room, what is the first thing your eyes capture? Do you look at the furniture or does your sight willy-nilly head for lower parts of the room? If a carpet is lying on your floor, the space is filled, and the arrangement of the interior seems to be tuned better. Providing that a rug is well chosen, the house is infused with harmony. Thus, when coming into the room, you most probably notice your carpet before anything else.

So while pondering over the importance of rugs, that’s the simplest and probably the most accurate answer. Apart from this, there are a number of reasons why we should consider buying a rug if we don’t have one yet.

It cannot be denied that floor coverings are valued for their artistry. When taking e.g. antique rugs into account, we have to agree that they can stimulate our imagination shifting us to distant places and remote times. Antique rugs are highly desirable to collectors who strive for finding an old and rare carpet. Its uniqueness depends on its condition and the date of production, as well as the patterns and weaving techniques.

One can admire rugs not only for their genuine beauty, but also for their functionality. The floor is protected with a carpet on it. It’s much more pleasant for your feet to walk on a rug than on a cold floor, especially barefoot. These can be clichés, but the overall aura of warmth and coziness that a rug brings about is invaluable. That’s not all. A carpet can enlarge the space, so if your room is rather small and you want to do something about it, a rug can be your solution. No need to add that a house is much brighter if we fill the floors with rugs.

It may come as a surprise, but the air quality in a house depends in a way on the presence of carpets. Indeed, carpets are considered to act like filters, absorbing dust and other pollutants. They are easily removed while vacuuming, but we should clean our carpets systematically. Thus, decorating a house with rugs is advisable for a person with allergies or asthma. 

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Each carpet is made from a fabric that comes from a particular part of the world, a specific area which specializes in distinct ways of weaving techniques, various designs and so on. It evokes an overall history of textiles, and this in turn introduces us to the history of a given country or town. Exploring the types and patterns of different rugs can prove to be very gripping. As a consequence, we learn a lot about a culture of a given region.

There’s no accounting for tastes, besides, with such an abundance of various designs and styles of both the arrangements of houses and carpets, everybody should find something for oneself. One thing is certain – rugs are essential elements in our houses.