Traditional Oriental Inspired Rug
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Traditional Oriental Inspired Rug N11352

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Imagine a busy bazaar in Iran, with merchants noisily advertising their exquisite goods, the scent of exotic spices all around you. Sadly, while we can’t take you there, with this Tabriz-inspired rug, you can bring a piece of Orient to your own home. Its elaborate design consists of flower motifs, visible on both central part and its frame. Beautiful blossoms on long stems cross and tangle, creating a hypnotic composition.

The central medallion, characteristic for Tabriz rugs, is small, but beautiful, reminding of a charming daisy in full bloom. While the pattern’s coloring is mostly kept in calm beiges and blues, an occasional hint of coral is a breath of fresh air, giving life to the melancholic composition. Thanks to the timeless pattern and superb craftsmanship, this contemporary modern pattern carpet will instantly become a family heirloom, cherished by generations to come.

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Item No.: N11352 Size: 6'4" × 9'0" (193 × 274 cm)