Swedish Flat Weave Rug by Nordiska Kompaniest

Swedish Flat Weave Rug by Nordiska Kompaniest BB6350

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This splendid vintage Swedish rug is designed by the fashionable and inspiring Nordiska Kompaniet which in itself constitutes its value and uniqueness. Scandinavian design is one of the most sough-after décor styles in the world and this remarkable antique rug flat-weave fully shows the reason behind this fascination.

Within this marvelous piece of modern art simplicity goes hand in hand with refinement of the fabric and the quality of execution. Hand-made of the finest wool according to traditional weaving techniques, the vintage rug shop shows absolutely no signs of wear or damage – it is unblemished as if it just came down from the looms. Its decisively geometric and graphic design strongly alludes to the stark, yet breathtaking natural surroundings of the North.

The message is further highlighted by the extremely pronounced, cold color palette comprising of many shades of grey, from dim, through steel, to almost white. This remarkably elegant Swedish rug will successfully match a wide variety of interiors, both classic and modern. Put your trust in Scandinavian design and enjoy the timeless appeal of the northern masterpieces.

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Item No.: BB6350 Circa: 1955 Size: 5'7" × 8'2" (170 × 248 cm)