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A Strong Accent of Every Space

Runner rugs are long and narrow rugs that are typically placed in hallways, breezeways, bathrooms or entryways, they can also successfully adorn our walls. Unfortunately, while decorating our space, we tend to diminish their role and as a result they are often the most neglected and unnoticeable elements of the room. There is a simple solution to that problem – when picking a runner rug, choose the tribal one as it won’t be just another accessory, but it will become the highlight of every space you decide to place it in.

Most of us are familiar with the symmetrical and colorful patterns of the tribal rugs. However, we ought to realize that the word ‘tribal’ has got a deeper meaning. If the rug is tribal, it means that it was woven by the villagers or nomads who in the crafting process used only local materials. Therefore, it is quite common for tribal runners to be made of camel, goat or lama hair. The dyes are also natural and ecological as they are obtained from local plants and animals. What makes original tribal rugs precious is also the fact that they are fully handmade. We usually associate tribal rugs with the Peruvian Inca style, but in fact they are crafted all over the world – in Central Asia, Middle East, and Indian subcontinent. The most important thing about tribal rugs, however, is that for people who create the rugs it is sometimes the only way to preserve their local culture and traditions.

It is not easy to warm drab and narrow spaces as even if you put there only a few things, it quickly starts to look cluttered. That is why a vivid and joyful tribal runner will be just enough to create there a welcoming look. Of course, tribal runners are also perfect for bigger rooms like bedrooms or kitchens. It is great to place it next to your bed and always have something soft and delicate to put your feet on. In the kitchen, on the other hand, a tribal runner can help you add there some character and vitality.

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