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Caucasian Rugs – Bring Symmetry to Chaos

Caucasus is not a friendly place to live. In fact, surrounded by majestic mountains and with its harsh climate, it is considered to be one of the most hostlie regions of the world. For people who lived there life was just an everyday struggle, ruled by the simplicity and the laws of nature.

Maybe as an act of rebellion against the hard and monotonous life the Caucasians crafted extremely beautiful and vibrant carpets, which are the exact opposite of monotony. The uniqueness and isolation of the region are reflected in the Caucasian rugs, which are truly exceptional.

Geometry and symmetry are typical for the antique Caucasian rugs, but at the same time, thanks to intense colors and tribal design, they seem fresh and spontaneous. To weave their rugs the Caucasians used what the nature offered and for that reason most of them are made of wool. They also knew that their carpets needed to be strong and long-lasting if they wanted them to survive in difficult conditions. Therefore, in the crafting process they used so called symmetrical or Turkish knot, which guaranteed durability and thickness of the carpet.

With the Caucasian rugs your creativity has no limits as you should not be afraid of mixing the patterns. They appear in different shades of rich colors such as red, purple, indigo or black and together with a symmetrical design, the Caucasian rug will give your room the Oriental look. The fact that they often appear in smaller sizes, might become an extra option as you are not limited to the floors, but you can also adorn a couch with it, display it on the wall or use it as a blanket. The purchase of the Caucasian rug is a smart decision as it goes with almost everything which means that even if you change the colors or accessories of the room, the carpet may stay untouched.

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