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Traditional Inspired Rug
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Traditional Inspired Rug N11560 12'9" × 17'9" $12,000

Although made in the 21st century, this Bessarabian-inspired modern rug consists all the best features of the old Eastern European weaving craft. It is hand-executed of the finest wool in accordance with traditional Oriental techniques which is reflected in each and every one of the countless knots.

This masterful execution is a guarantee of quality and longevity as well as the assurance that the aubusson rug definition will incessantly serve its owners for generations. The intricate floral pattern required extremely high knot density to be completed in such detail and precision. European-style flowers and foliage intertwine with numerous medallions creating a truly royal composition which is further enhanced by the ultimately tasteful color palette.

Kept in autumnal hues, the rug and Floral rug proudly exposes chocolate brown, pale brick red, sandy, beige and dusty green, all perfectly balanced and toned. As grand and alluring as it is, this Bessarabian-inspired weaving wonder will be the pride of any home.


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Item No.: N11560 Size: 12'9" × 17'9" (388 × 541 cm)
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